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Frameworks that handle the communication between the layers of a web application.

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sampaiodias Postman Exporter for Spring This project is a simple Java library that can export all of your Spring endpoints into a Postman Collection json, which y

OliveThePuffin YoRHa GRUB theme There are 2 folders for resolution, 4k which I have tested and know looks accurate, and 1080p which is an unverified guess, so tweaki

EBIO5460Spring2022 class-materials EBIO5460 Machine Learning for Ecology Spring 2022 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Colorado, Boulder Instr

dipanjal MySQL Replication with ProxySQL In this documentation, we will cover Problem Discussion Common Database problems and solutions. What is Database Repli

craffel COMP790: Deep Learning Instructor: Colin Raffel TA: Ryan Strauss Term: Spring 2022 Meeting time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30-1:45pm Office hours: By

evrentan A Complete Spring Boot Example Project A Complete Spring Boot Example Project with Spring Boot 2.5.6, JDK 17 & Maven. Table of Contents How to Contrib

hantsy Spring 6 Sandbox Spring 6 (and Spring Boot 3) will upgrade to use Jakarta EE 9+ and Java 17 as the new code baseline. Aligned with the competitors, su

kubernetes-native-java Fabric8 Spring Native Integrations Earlier, I wrote an example on how to get Spring Native and the official Kubernetes Native Java client working with

tongnamuu 프로젝트 세팅 프로젝트 주소 : https://github.com/tongnamuu/SpringEvent Java 11을 사용합니다. 처음부터 세팅하고 싶다면 이후 annotation processing 옵션을 켜주세요 이후 프로젝트 repository의 커밋을 따라오

camunda Camunda Platform - The open source BPMN platform Camunda Platform is a flexible framework for workflow and process automation. It's core is a native B

bezkoder Spring Boot Login and Registration example with MongoDB Build a Spring Boot Auth with HttpOnly Cookie, JWT, Spring Security and Spring Data MongoDB. Y

bezkoder Spring Boot Login example with Spring Security, MySQL and JWT Appropriate Flow for User Login and Registration with JWT Spring Boot Rest Api Architect

cn-panda The project is a simple vulnerability Demo environment written by SpringBoot. Here, I deliberately wrote a vulnerability environment where there are arbitrary file uploads, and then use the `scan` attribute in the loghack configur

AlanBinu007 Here we are maked almost all types of Spring Boot Applications that you suggested via linkedin/Gmail, If you are looking something that is out of the box then just ping me in linkedin or mail with your required project i will make

hackinghippo j4shell_ioc_ips big dump from known j4log/j4shell malicious ip adresses unique and sorted update once a hour only if changes were made! sources: https

twseptian Spring Boot Log4j - CVE-2021-44228 The Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) ultimately is a quite simple JNDI Injection flaw, but in a really real

softfantasy Hotel reservation system using spring boot and thymeleaf. This project implements a complex domain model powering a session based wizard form flow to

softfantasy Hotel Hotel Reservations Spring MVC Web Application Requirements: Hotel has Location Location has Address (eg. City, Street, Zip-code) Hotel has many

skinny-framework Skinny Micro Skinny Micro is at once a micro Web framework to build Servlet applications in Scala and the core part of Skinny Framework. Skinny Micro

wso2 Build status: WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J) WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J) is a lightweight high performance framework

update4j Read the documentation, explore the JavaDoc, or see it in action Create a framework: design the environment and lifecycle (—bootstrap) to make your ow

alabvix BMI - API Example application for a minimal clean architecture use case based design. Calculates the Body Mass Index for a previous saved user. Layers

networknt A fast, light weight and cloud native OAuth 2.0 Server based on microservices architecture built on top of light-4j and light-rest-4j frameworks. Stac

ja-netfilter ja-netfilter v1.2.0 A javaagent framework Usage download from the releases page add -javaagent:/absolute/path/to/ja-netfilter.jar argument (Change to

lets-blade Based on Java8 + Netty4 to create a lightweight, high-performance, simple and elegant Web framework 😋 Spend 1 hour to learn it to do something intere

networknt A fast, lightweight and cloud-native microservices framework. Stack Overflow | Google Group | Gitter Chat | Subreddit | Youtube Channel | Documentatio

zalando Failsafe Actuator Failsafe Actuator is a Java library that provides a simple monitoring interface for Spring Boot applications that use the Failsafe l

cassandre-tech Quick Start | Documentation | Discord | Twitter Create and run your java crypto trading bot in minutes Our Spring boot starter takes care of exchange

Etisalat-Egypt Rodan Telecom Exploitation Framework Disclaimer Rodan framework is provided so that you can test your systems against threats, understand the nature o

czm23333 TransparentReflect A Lightweight Transparent Reflection Framework What can I do with this framework? With this framework, you can create shadow classe

zacharytse 一、项目介绍 my-gfs是一个个人的分布式存储项目。主要是基于dubbo实现。目前项目还在开发当中。我主要是参考了这个大佬的设计方案。做这个项目主要是想实践一下分布式的项目。 二、项目进展 因为项目还没开始几天,所以进度还不是很多,目前的进度如下 测试了dubbo 完成了master模块的文件系统

Endava CATS is a REST APIs fuzzer and negative testing tool for OpenAPI endpoints. CATS automatically generates, runs and reports tests with minimum configuration and no coding effort. Tests are self-healing and does not require mainten