Web Frameworks

Frameworks that handle the communication between the layers of a web application.

Most popular

awslabs A Java wrapper to run Spring, Jersey, Spark, and other apps inside AWS Lambda.

enilu web-flash -- Admin Framework and Mobile Website Based on Spring Boot and Vue.js

berndruecker Sample application demonstrating an order fulfillment system decomposed into multiple independant components (e.g. microservices). Showing concrete implementation alternatives using e.g. Java, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Camunda, Z

habuma Home for example code from Spring in Action 5.

marcosbarbero Rate limit auto-configure for Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul

spring-cloud Spring Cloud Data Flow is a microservices-based toolkit for building streaming and batch data processing pipelines in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Data processing pipelines consist of Spring Boot apps, built u

Endava CATS is a REST APIs fuzzer and negative testing tool for OpenAPI endpoints. CATS automatically generates, runs and reports tests with minimum configuration and no coding effort. Tests are self-healing and does not require mainten

pippo-java Micro Java Web Framework

ja-netfilter ja-netfilter v1.2.0 A javaagent framework Usage download from the releases page add -javaagent:/absolute/path/to/ja-netfilter.jar argument (Change to

actframework ACT Framework Install Add act-starter-parent into into your pom.xml file <parent> <groupId>org.actframework</groupId> <artifactId>act-starter-parent</artifactId&

update4j Read the documentation, explore the JavaDoc, or see it in action Create a framework: design the environment and lifecycle (—bootstrap) to make your ow

ddd-by-examples All Things CQRS A bunch of ways of doing CQRS with various Spring tools. Getting Started These instructions will get you and overview of how to synchronize two different datasources. We will do so by separat

com-lihaoyi Cask: a Scala HTTP micro-framework object MinimalApplication extends cask.MainRoutes{ @cask.get("/") def hello() = { "Hello World!" } @cask.post("/do-thing") def doThing(request: cask.Request) = {

ordina-jworks Microservices Dashboard Overview The primary goal of this project is to provide a server implementation for

wso2 Build status: WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J) WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J) is a lightweight high performance framework

cloudoptlab Cloudopt Next is a very lightweight micro-service framework based on kotlin and vertx for the Next generation. You can handle url parsing, data encapsulation, and Json output. Radically reducing development time and improving de

errai Errai Framework Errai is a Java/GWT web framework for building rich-client web applications. It provides declarative, annotation-driven features that greatly ease development of large-scale applications, including:

networknt A fast, light weight and cloud native OAuth 2.0 Server based on microservices architecture built on top of light-4j and light-rest-4j frameworks. Stac

cassandre-tech Quick Start | Documentation | Discord | Twitter Create and run your java crypto trading bot in minutes Our Spring boot starter takes care of exchange

mploed Event Driven Applications with Spring Boot This projects tries to capture various options you have when dealing with Event Driven Spring Boot applications. The follwing Spring Technologies are being used: Spring Boo

noboomu An extremely lightweight, flexible, and high performance Undertow based Java framework for developing RESTful web applications and microservices NO MAGIC Incredibly easy to use and get started Limited dependencies and &l

sdeleuze Spring WebFlux Kotlin fullstack example with Kotlin2js for frontend instead of JavaScript or TypeScript. Usage of Kotlin JavaScript Dead Code Elimination tool allows to have lightweight JavaScript code generated. For this simple

erupts 通用后台管理框架,使用 Java 注解,快速开发 Admin 管理后台。零前端代码、零 CURD、不生成任何代码、自动建表、注解式 API,支持所有主流数据库。

RameshMF Spring Boot CRUD Web application with Pagination and Sorting features using Spring Boot, ThymeLeaf, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, MySQL database

fengbindev 一个基于 Spring Boot、Shiro、 JWT、Mybatis Plus、Vue、Ant-Design-Vue 的前后端分离的插件式快速开发框架

stargate Stargate is a data gateway deployed between client applications and a database. It's built with extensibility as a first-class citizen and makes it easy to use a database for any application workload by adding plugin support for n

kawansoft AceQL HTTP v5.0.2 - April 22, 2020 Server Installation and Configuration Guide Fundamentals Overview Technical operating environment Download and Installation Linux / Unix Inst

lwaddicor Spring Start Analyser This project is designed as a module which you can bring in via maven and it will produce a graph similar to below which shows the construction times of each spring bean. How to use I

veracode-research In this article, we explain how dangerous an unrestricted view name manipulation in Spring Framework could be. Before doing so, let's look at the simplest Spring application that uses Thymeleaf as a templating engine:

williewheeler Kite is a Spring-based library of components, called guards, implementing various patterns for managing app/service availability, performance and capacity. It's based in part upon patterns in the Release It! book by Michael Nygard

kingbbode spring-boot-custom-yaml-importer spring boot support for automatically loading custom yaml file. Spring Boot offers three ways to load custom settings. spring.config.location, spring.config.name SpringAppli

skinny-framework Skinny Micro Skinny Micro is at once a micro Web framework to build Servlet applications in Scala and the core part of Skinny Framework. Skinny Micro