Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.

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gennaro-tedesco the ultimate compact fzf gh extension Installation • Usage • Customisation • Feedback gh-f is the ultimate, compact and snappy fzf extension for gh cl

fuzzware-fuzzer Fuzzware Experiments This directory contains the data required to reproduce the experiments from our USENIX 2022 publication Fuzzware: Using Precise M

ianthehenry zsh-autoquoter zsh-autoquoter is a zle widget ("zsh plugin") that will automatically put quotes around arguments to certain commands. So instead of ha

rbtnn vim-textobj-string is a Vim plugin to provide text objects (as and is by default) to select a string.

bolchisb Plex Home Media integrations This package is created for those who are not experts in linux servers and docker. If you follow these steps you'll be ab

vinceliuice MacOS Wallpapers for linux desktop WhiteSur (Big Sur) Wallpapers Monterey Wallpapers Installation Install Gnome Backgrounds (wallpaper will change acc

donnyyou PyTorchCV: A PyTorch-Based Framework for Deep Learning in Computer Vision @misc{CV2018, author = {Donny You ([email protected])}, howpubl

zeynep-dmrl Linux Zenity GUI Bir Linux makinasındaki sistem loglarını tutan /var/log/ klasörü içinde kullacının seçtiği bir log dosyasını görünteleyen v

ceydatekin Linux Shell Programlama Projesi : TO DO LIST Linux shell script, whiptail ve Zenity kütüphanesi ile yazılan, basit TO DO LIST programıdır. Programın Y

fatihes1 GUI Bash Script --wget Click here for English README. Bash script programming - GUI for wget command 🎥 Kodların anlatımı ve script dosyasının kullanı

Sam1431 λ Idempotent Dotfiles SETTING UP NIXOS , MY WAY NixOS with tmpfs (Sway WM) Disclaimer: This is not a community framework or distribution. It's a priva

KCGD Open source spiderman meme Haha spiderman make a presentation lol Install gimp This meme requires gimp, install through chmod +x insta

Co2333 AppleSiliconUIKitPatch Script to patch iOS app so we can later use it on Apple Silicon devices. App should be decrypted if was downloaded from App Sto

mdhiggins PlexAutoSkip Official Docker Container Docker container for PlexAutoSkip Version Tags Tag Description latest Stable release Usage docker-compose ple

kaansertel CV Hazırlama (Shell Script - Zenity Kütüphanesi) Linux Araçları ve Kabuk Programlama dersi kapsamında,Shell script ve Zenity Kütüphanesi kullanılarak

Takiiiiiiii Miyoo Mini Firmware and Configured SD This repository contains a debloated and improved SD card image for the Miyoo Mini. Latest Firmware Update Packa

yetone 🪐 My Neovim Configuration 🚀 A must-have configuration for Spacemacs users after defecting to Vim If you want the power of VSCode, the interactivity

Spinnaker Welcome to the Spinnaker Project Spinnaker is an open-source continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confid

jvehent Guidelines for HAProxy termination in AWS Document status NOT READY $Revision: $ @ 2022-01-14 19:00 PST Author Julien Vehent Review CloudOps Table of

RayZ0rr wstow :- A stow wrapper What ? wstow is a wrapper around GNU stow that makes it easier to make symlinks from multiple sources to multiple targets easi

hakanakdogan Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Bölümü 3. Sınıf Linux Araçları ve Kabuk Programlama Dersi Dönem Projesi Proje Hakkında: Bu uygulama,

adem-pelit CV-with-bash-Script HTML cv oluşturan bash script algoritması Bash Script Nedir Bash script Linux üzerinde çalışan kabuk programlama arayüzüdür. Final

selcuksan Zenity-App Zenity ve bash script kullanarak yazılmış, wget komutu ile web'den dosya indirmeye yarayan uygulamadır. Zenity nedir * Zenity çeşitli

nugmanoff Инструкция как одеть носки на Телеграм Носки 🧦 это SOCKS5 прокси :) Скачиваем наш скрипт curl -O

bvt123 k-means on Clickhouse SQL Делим исходные данные на кластеры, опираясь на поняние "близости" в каком-то многомерном евклидовом пространстве Данных быва

alist-org alist-railway Railway for Alist Usage Fork this repo Open Railway and click New Object Choose the repo that you forked and select the mysql branch Add

Hakkuraifu PS4Linux-ArchDrivers Drivers for running arch based distro Why this repo ? To keep the drivers update, and also like that peoples can 'convert' they o

bryk-io GitHub Action: GoKart Security Static Analysis GoKart is a static analysis tool for Go that finds vulnerabilities using the SSA (single static assignm

ThatOneCalculator randompassword: A super simple POSIX *nix offline password generator [Requirements] [Features] [Usage] [Install] Requirements: TL;DR basically any *ni

j1mc ansible-silverblue You can use this repository to configure a Fedora Silverblue workstation or laptop with Ansible. Each of the project's roles contai

b3z Markdown TOC - Table of contents generator Install zsh curl -L >> $HOME/.zshrc Copie

arter97 CodeAurora mirror manifest This repository provides a cron-updated manifest for mirroring all of CodeAurora Android-related repositories. How to use m