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skyzh Type Exercise in Rust (In Chinese) Rust 语言中的类型体操 - 以数据库系统为例 This is a short lecture on how to use the Rust type system to build necessary components i

zzzgydi Auto launch any application or executable at startup.

stevepryde Tauri + Yew Demo This is a small demo to accompany the Tauri + Yew tutorial

VenkoApp venko ✌️ Venko: Rails for realtime finance on Solana. About Venko is a protocol for issuing streams of tokens. It is designed for a variety of usecase

Sidekick-AI Dataflow Dataflow is a data processing library, primarily for machine learning. It provides efficient pipeline primitives to build a directed acyclic

CleverCloud WIP not ready at all, POC for node js rurt based pulsar driver pulsar-node-rust-client This project was bootstrapped by create-neon. Installing pulsar

M4tsuri A (de)serializer for RLP encoding in ETH Cargo.toml serlp = "0.1" serde = { version = "1.0", features = ['derive'] } Not Supported Types bool float n

alexichepura 3d car simulation in rust This project is developed with intention to learn: programming on rust, computer graphics, physics simulation, geometric alg

pmsanford Paudle A reimplementation of the excellent word game Wordle by Josh Wardle. This version was created using Yew and Rust. I cribbed the colors and layo

john01dav Overview As the popularity of the library minifb shows, it is useful to put a 2D buffer/image on a window in a platform-independent way. Minifb's appr

SecureDNA quickdna Quickdna is a simple, fast library for working with DNA sequences. It is up to 100x faster than Biopython for some translation tasks, in part

lukstei yahoo-finance-rust-cli Displays your configurable stock portfolio using Yahoo Finance data. It uses the WebSocket of the website to get real time (but

setzer22 Blackjack Your Rusty 🦀 procedural 3d modeler Blackjack is a procedural modelling application, following the steps of great tools like Houdini or Blen

azur1s Vari Vari (Väri) is a Rust library for formatting strings with colors and cosmetic stuff to the terminal. Like Rich library for Python. Installing [de

dtolnay prettyplease::unparse A minimal syn syntax tree pretty-printer. Overview This is a pretty-printer to turn a syn syntax tree into a String of well-form

WilliamVenner gmsv_workshop This module allows for servers to use the steamworks.DownloadUGC and steamworks.FileInfo functions, enabling runtime downloading & mount

raviqqe Turtle Clone of the Ninja build system written in Rust Goals Safe (no unsafe) and fast implementation of the Ninja build system in Rust Frontend suppo

yisar soga Yoga alternative Test cargo test Use use soga::flexbox::FlexBox; use soga::flexbox::FlexItem; use std::convert::TryInto; fn main() { let mut

project-serum Sealevel Attacks Examples of common exploits unique to the Solana programming model and recommended idioms for avoiding these attacks using the Anchor

Brooooooklyn @napi-rs/image Image processing library. Support matrix node10 node12 node14 node16 node17 Windows x64 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Windows x32 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ macOS x64 ✓ ✓ ✓

Gordon-F cargo-xcodebuild Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS. 📦 ⚙️ 🍏 Setup You need to install Xcode (NOT just Command Line Tools!), xcodegen, cargo-xcod

EmbarkStudios ⌛ poll-promise A Rust promise for games and immediate mode GUIs Description poll-promise is a Rust crate for polling the result of a concurrent (e.g.

xJonathanLEI starkware-crypto-rs Rust FFI bindings for StarkWare's crypto-cpp library There's currently an issue on the official crypto-cpp repository that prevent

unexge Bulk edit files

WOo0W aria2-ws An aria2 websocket jsonrpc in Rust. Built with tokio. aria2 RPC docs Features Almost all methods and structed responses Auto reconnec

dondish Kiwi Lang Scripting Language made for fun Example def hello_name name { return "Hello " + name } def main { integer = 1 floating_point =

mcy boxy - declarative box-drawing characters Box-drawing characters are used extensively in text user interfaces software for drawing lines, boxes, and o

Omnikar UnDAG UnDAG is an esoteric programming language where the program is a Git repository — the repository does not track the program, but rather is itsel

Earu gm_zip Create archives of files within Garry's Mod. Note: The scope of this module only works accross the gmod installation files e.g from GarrysMod/g

LyonSyonII Hunt Hunt is a (highly-opinionated) simplified Find command made with Rust. It searches a file/folder by name on the entire drive. If the --first flag

thomasantony Orbiter spacecraft addon development in Rust This project is a proof of concept for creating a spacecraft addon for the Orbiter spaceflight simulator

jamesmunns toml-cfg Rough ideas: Crates can declare variables that can be overridden Anything const, e.g. usize, strings, etc. (Only) The "root crate" can overri