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notify-rs Notify Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust. Caution! This is unstable code! You likely want either the latest 4.0 release or 5.0.0

notify-rs Notify Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust. Caution! This is unstable code! You likely want either the latest 4.0 release or 5.0.0

zboxfs ZboxFS ZboxFS is a zero-details, privacy-focused in-app file system. Its goal is to help application store files securely, privately and reliably. By

zargony Rust FUSE - Filesystem in Userspace About fuse-rs is a Rust library crate for easy implementation of FUSE filesystems in userspace. fuse-rs does not j

Stebalien tempfile A secure, cross-platform, temporary file library for Rust. In addition to creating temporary files, this library also allows users to securel

kahing Catfs is a caching filesystem written in Rust. Overview Catfs allows you to have cached access to another (possibly remote) filesystem. Caching semant

bazelbuild sandboxfs: A virtual file system for sandboxing sandboxfs is a FUSE file system that exposes a combination of multiple files and directories from the

manuel-woelker rust-vfs A virtual filesystem for Rust The virtual file system abstraction generalizes over file systems and allow using different filesystem implemen

byron Use this library to open a path or URL using the program configured on the system. It is equivalent to running one of the following: # OSX $ open <pat

rafalh Rust FAT FS A FAT filesystem library implemented in Rust. Features: read/write file using standard Read/Write traits read directory contents create/re

bojand infer Small crate to infer file and MIME type by checking the magic number signature. Adaptation of filetype Go package ported to Rust. Does not requi

webdesus fs_extra A Rust library that provides additional functionality not present in std::fs. Documentation Migrations to 1.x.x version Key features: Copy fi

pop-os distinst Distinst is a Rust-based software library that handles Linux distribution installer installation details. It has been built specifically to b

Byron jwalk Filesystem walk. Performed in parallel using rayon Entries streamed in sorted order Custom sort/filter/skip/state Usage Add this to your Cargo.t

pedrocr syncer WARNING: This is highly experimental and will probably eat your data. Make sure you have good backups before you test it. This is a filesystem

xdg-rs dirs-next Note: This is a fork of unmaintained dirs crate. There is a mid-level sister library, directories-next. Introduction a tiny low-level librar

carlosgaldino GotenksFS is a file system built for learning purposes. The disk is represented as a regular file which is created using the mkfs command provided by this binary. A mount command is also available for mounting the file system usin

rust-lang-deprecated tempdir A Rust library for creating a temporary directory and deleting its entire contents when the directory is dropped. Documentation Deprecation No

johannesvollmer EXRS This library is a 100% Rust and 100% safe code library for reading and writing OpenEXR images. See the examples for a first impression. OpenEXR i

mgree ffs, the file filessytem, let's you mount semi-structured data as a fileystem---a tree structure you already know how to work with!

yoshuawuyts miow Documentation A zero overhead Windows I/O library focusing on IOCP and other async I/O features. # Cargo.toml [dependencies] miow = "0.3" License

francesca64 hotwatch hotwatch is a Rust library for comfortably watching and handling file changes. It's a thin convenience wrapper over notify, allowing you to e

wfraser FUSE-MT Documentation This code is a wrapper on top of the Rust FUSE crate with the following additions: Dispatch system calls on multiple threads, so

ceph Ceph Rust Official Ceph Rust interface Official Ceph Rust-lang interface. Contributions welcomed! This library is the core librados Rust interface for

tilpner includedir Include a directory in your Rust binary, e.g. static files for your web server or assets for your game. Features Automatically compile data

untitaker rust-atomicwrites Documentation Repository Atomic file-writes. Works on both POSIX and Windows. The basic idea is to write to temporary file

yoshuawuyts fd-lock Advisory cross-platform file locks using file descriptors. Adapted from mafintosh/fd-lock. Note that advisory lock compliance is opt-in, and c

stjepang polling Portable interface to epoll, kqueue, and wepoll. Supported platforms: epoll: Linux, Android, illumos kqueue: macOS, iOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Open

aahancoc tree_magic tree_magic is a Rust crate that determines the MIME type a given file or byte stream. Read the documentation at

tailhook Ciruela Docs | API Docs | Examples | Github | Crate A peer-to-peer synchronization software for servers in datacenters. Look and Feel Upload a folder

opensuse libpathrs This library implements a set of C-friendly APIs (written in Rust) to make path resolution within a potentially-untrusted directory safe on

vasi positioned-io This crate allows you to specify an offset for reads and writes, without changing the current position in a file. This is similar to pre