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Game development

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bevyengine Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!

ggez What is this? ggez is a Rust library to create a Good Game Easily. More specifically, ggez is a lightweight cross-platform game framework for making 2

Rust-SDL2 Rust-SDL2 Bindings for SDL2 in Rust Changelog for 0.34.1 Overview Rust-SDL2 is a library for talking to the new SDL2.0 libraries from Rust. Low-level

amethyst Specs Specs Parallel ECS Specs is an Entity-Component System written in Rust. Unlike most other ECS libraries out there, it provides easy parallelism

amethyst Specs Specs Parallel ECS Specs is an Entity-Component System written in Rust. Unlike most other ECS libraries out there, it provides easy parallelism

dimforge 2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.

amethyst Legion aims to be a feature rich high performance Entity component system (ECS) library for Rust game projects with minimal boilerplate.

ajour Ajour is a World of Warcraft addon manager written in Rust with a strong focus on performance and simplicity. The project is completely advertisement free, privacy respecting and open source. Ajour currently supports Windows, macO

ryanisaacg quicksilver A simple 2D game framework written in pure Rust, for both the Web and Desktop Alpha Notice This version of Quicksilver is currently workin

TimonPost Laminar Laminar is an application-level transport protocol which provides configurable reliability and ordering guarantees built on top of UDP. It foc

jeremyletang rust-sfml Rust bindings for SFML, the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. Requirements Linux, Windows, or OS X Rust 1.36 or later SFML 2.5 CSFML 2.5 D

cormac-obrien Richter - A modern implementation of the Quake engine in Rust.

termhn rayn This is a CPU-based path tracing renderer focused on rendering SDFs, specifically fractals. It was originally based on the book "Ray tracing in o

PsichiX The hottest HTML5 + WASM game engine for games written in Rust with web-sys.

robmikh A port of robmikh/Minesweeper using winrt-rs.

unrust unrust A pure rust based (webgl 2.0 / native) game engine Current Version : 0.1.1 This project is under heavily development, all api are very unstable

rofrol Awesome wgpu A curated list of wgpu code and resources. PRs welcome. About wgpu matrix chat

Lea-fish Multi-version Minecraft-compatible client written in Rust, forked from Stevenarella.

lowenware Dotrix has a flat linear ECS (Entity Component System) in its core, designed for fast querying of entities and their components.

adam-mcdaniel A dependency-free chess engine library built to run anywhere.

ekzhang This is a physically based, CPU-only rendering engine written in Rust. It uses path tracing to generate realistic images of 3D scenes.

brson Rust-SDL Bindings for SDL in Rust Overview Rust-SDL is a library for talking to SDL from Rust. Low-level C components are wrapped in Rust code to make

overdrivenpotato A library for building full PSP modules, including both PRX plugins and regular homebrew apps.

SiegeLord RustAllegro A thin Rust wrapper of Allegro 5. Game loop example extern crate allegro; extern crate allegro_font; use allegro::*; use allegro_font::*;

PhilipK BoilR Description This little tool will synchronize games from other platforms into your Steam library, using the Steam Shortcuts feature. The goal is

Hossein-Noroozpour Vulkust (unstable, work in progress) An experimental tiny engine for Vulkan in Rust. 1- Missions Safety: Only FFI related stuff are unsafe and in addi

dimforge 2D and 3D physics engines focused on performances.

thoughtworks EpiRust An agent-based epidemiology simulation framework built in Rust This is a monorepo containing code for the EpiRust framework - engine - The mai

dskart Rustcraft is a simple Minecraft engine written in rust using wgpu.

Wafelack Simple raytracer written in Rust following Ray Tracing in One Weekend

lucidscape CORANGE-RS This crate provides an interface to the Corange game engine, written in Pure C, SDL and OpenGL by Daniel Holden. Features include: deferred

jam1garner A mod for downloading and using your own minecraft skin to use in game, just enter your username!