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kube-rs kopium A kubernetes openapi unmangler. Creates rust structs from a named crd by converting the live openapi schema. ⚠️ WARNING: ALPHA SOFTWARE ⚠️ Inst

deislabs Akri Akri lets you easily expose heterogeneous leaf devices (such as IP cameras and USB devices) as resources in a Kubernetes cluster, while also supp

hedonhermdev ⚡️ A blazing fast way of maintaining powerful notes with connections between them.

cloud-hypervisor Cloud Hypervisor is an open source Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) that runs on top of KVM. The project focuses on exclusively running modern, cloud workloads, on top of a limited set of hardware architectures and platforms.

wyhaya updns updns is a simple DNS proxy server developed using Rust. You can intercept any domain name and return the ip you need Install Download the binar

osa1 tiny - Yet another console IRC client tiny is an IRC client written in Rust. Features Clean UI: consecutive join/part/quit messages are shown in a sin

cloudhead ██ ████ ██ ██ ███ ██ ███ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ `rx` is a modern and minimalist pixel editor. Designed with g

changlan kytan: High Performance Peer-to-Peer VPN kytan is a high performance peer to peer VPN written in Rust. The goal is to to minimize the hassle of config

serayuzgur Weld Full fake REST API generator. This project is heavily inspired by json-server, written with rust. Synopsis Our first aim is to generate a fake ap

servo The Servo Parallel Browser Engine Project Servo is a prototype web browser engine written in the Rust language. It is currently developed on 64-bit ma

sandstorm-io Sandstorm Collections App This is an app that runs on Sandstorm. Its purpose is to aggregate a group of grains so that they can be shared as a single

oam-dev Rudr: A Kubernetes Implementation of the Open Application Model Rudr is an implementation of the Open Application Model (OAM) 1.0.0-alpha1 for Kuberne

withoutboats notty - not a typewriter notty is a virtual terminal like xterm, gnome-vte, sh, or rxvt. Unlike these programs, notty is not intended to emulate a DEC

nicohman eidolon A conversion of steam_suite to rust with additional features. Provides a single TUI-based registry for drm-free, wine and steam games on linux

kbknapp docli-rs (pronounced "dockly") A command-line utility for managing DigitalOcean infrastructure via the DigitalOcean API v2 Disclaimer This utility is

awslabs Flowgger is a fast, simple and lightweight data collector written in Rust. It reads log entries over a given protocol, extracts them, decodes them usi

intecture Intecture APIs Intecture is an API for managing your servers. Visit API docs can be found here: Intectu

imjacobclark Herd Herd was a small side project in building a HTTP load testing application in Rust with a main focus on being easy to use and low on OS level depe

fractalide Reusable Reproducible Composable Software Welcome What is this? Fractalide is a free and open source service programming platform using dataflow graph

fcsonline Drill Drill is a HTTP load testing application written in Rust. The main goal for this project is to build a really lightweight tool as alternative to

snowplow Factotum A dag running tool designed for efficiently running complex jobs with non-trivial dependency trees. The zen of Factotum A Turing-complete job

dlecan GDU | Generic DNS Update A cross-platform tool to update DNS zonefiles (such as when you have a dynamic public IP address. It's a DynDNS or

darrint Device Blocker Limit screen time to children's various mobile devices by blocking internet access on the family Wifi router. This is the server which

linkerd This repo contains the transparent proxy component of Linkerd2. While the Linkerd2 proxy is heavily influenced by the Linkerd 1.X proxy, it comprises

ivanceras Diwata Diwata is a database interface for PostgreSQL,Mysql, Sqlite with the goal of being usable, user-friendly with its basic and advanced functional

denoland Deno A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno aims to provide a productive and secure scripting environment for the modern programmer. It

cloudflare BoringTun BoringTun is an implementation of the WireGuard® protocol designed for portability and speed. BoringTun is successfully deployed on millions

ballista-compute Ballista Overview Ballista is an experimental distributed compute platform, powered by Apache Arrow, with support for Rust and JVM (Java, Kotlin, and

andyleejordan Genetic Algorithm A genetic algorithm in Rust for the following benchmark problems: Ackley Griewangk Rastrigin Rosenbrock Schwefel Sphere Usage: Insta

AnderEnder s3find A command line utility to walk an Amazon S3 hierarchy. An analog of find for Amazon S3. Distribution Release page distributions Github Release

cch123 Overview this project is inspired by Preview Build from source git clone

alacritty Alacritty Alacritty is the fastest terminal emulator in existence. Using the GPU for rendering enables optimizations that simply aren't possible witho