Audio and Music

Audio and Music

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aome510 spotify-player Table of Contents Introduction Examples Demo Installation Requirements Spotify Connect Streaming Commands Actions Search Page Mouse sup

17cupsofcoffee Lonely Star Space is a lonely place, but at least you've got the music to keep you company. Lonely Star is a 2D side-scrolling 'endless runner' game,

oSumAtrIX DownOnSpot A Spotify downloader written in Rust Disclaimer DownOnSpot was not developed for piracy. It is meant to be used in compliance with DMCA, Se

alexgurr   About Create remixed versions of your favourite Spotify playlists. 💡 Idea by Divide-By-0.   Stack Frontend: react@latest Design/Logo: @alexgurr Bac

abba23 spotify-adblock Spotify adblocker for Linux (macOS untested) that works by wrapping getaddrinfo and cef_urlrequest_create. It blocks requests to domai

Aurailus Myxer A modern Volume Mixer for PulseAudio, built with you in mind. Myxer is a lightweight, powerful Volume Mixer built with modern UI design for a se

Marekkon5 Simple Rust + Webview app to automatically tag your music collection using data from Discogs.

livesplit livesplit-core livesplit-core is a library that provides a lot of functionality for creating a speedrun timer. It can be used directly from Rust. Addi

w4 is a Sonos controller library written in Rust. Currently it only supports playback operations (play, pause, stop, skip, add track to

deep110 Cauldron A lightweight implementation of decoders for popular used audio formats [Flac, Wav, Mp3, Ogg, etc.] in pure Rust. Features Planned features a

lakelezz About audiopus is a high-level binding of Opus version 1.3. Orginally, this crate was made to empower the serenity-crate to build audio features on Wi

padenot monome-rs Talk to a monome grid or monome arc. Licence Apache License, Version 2.0 (LICENSE-APACHE or MIT

tversteeg μsfx Generate sound effects for your game in realtime. Example // Create a simple blip sound let mut sample = usfx::Sample::default(); sample.volume(0

mrdimas rg3d-sound Sound library for games and interactive applications written in Rust. Key features Generic and Spatial sound sources. Built-in streaming fo

nwoeanhinnogaehr pvoc-rs A phase vocoder written in Rust. Example usage use pvoc::{PhaseVocoder, Bin}; let mut pvoc = PhaseVocoder::new(1, 44100.0, 256, 4); pvoc.proc

guillaumegomez rust-fmod This is a rust binding for FMOD, the library developped by FIRELIGHT TECHNOLOGIES. FMOD website : You can also find it on crate

tonarino webrtc-audio-processing A wrapper around PulseAudio's repackaging of WebRTC's AudioProcessing module. Example Usage See examples/ for an exam

ebassi TagLib-Rust TagLib-Rust is a library that allows accessing audio meta-data in Rust, by using the TagLib library. TagLib-Rust supports reading and edit

mrmekon Connectr A super lightweight Spotify controller. Connectr is a tiny application that lets you quickly and easily see – or change – what's playing on y

kovaxis Midly Midly is a Standard Midi File parser and writer designed to be as efficient as possible, making as few allocations as possible and using multipl

rustaudio deepspeech-rs Rust bindings of Mozilla's DeepSpeech library. The library is open source and performs Speech-To-Text completely offline. They provide p

polyfloyd rust-id3 A library for reading and writing ID3 metadata. Examples Reading tag frames use id3::{Tag, Version}; fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::er

jameshurst rust-metaflac A library for reading and writing FLAC metadata. Documentation Usage Add the dependency to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] metaflac = "0

pieterpenninckx rsynth An API abstraction for API's for audio plugins and applications. Use it to write real-time audio effects, software synthesizers, ... and target

germangb minimp3 Rust bindings Usage example # Cargo.toml [dependencies] minimp3 = "0.4" use minimp3::{Decoder, Frame, Error}; use std::fs::File; fn main()

ardaku Wavy Asynchronous cross-platform real-time audio recording & playback. The sound waves are so wavy! Wavy supports microphone audio recording and speak

ruuda Hound A wav encoding and decoding library in Rust. Hound can read and write the WAVE audio format, an ubiquitous format for raw, uncompressed audio. T

diwic ALSA bindings for Rust Thin but safe wrappers for ALSA, the most common API for accessing audio devices on Linux. The ALSA API is rather big, so every

acknak ghakuf A Rust library for parsing/building SMF (Standard MIDI File). Examples ghakuf has parse module and build module separatory. Perser ghakuf's par

rustaudio Rust-LV2 A safe, fast, and ergonomic framework to create LV2 plugins for audio processing, written in Rust. This library is a work in progress. It pro

RustAudio dasp Digital Audio Signal Processing in Rust. Formerly the sample crate. A suite of crates providing the fundamentals for working with PCM (pulse-code