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tokio-rs tokio-console prototypes ⚠️ extremely serious warning: this is pre-alpha, proof-of-concept software! currently, the wire format has no stability guara

threathunters-io Linux Audit – Usable, Robust, Easy Logging TLDR: Instead of audit events that look like this… type=EXECVE msg=audit(1626611363.720:348501): argc=3 a0=

Sensirion lin-bus-rs LIN bus driver traits and protocol implementation of the 2.2A specification. Currently only the frame level for reading and writing frames

idletea tokio-socketcan SocketCAN support for tokio based on the socketcan crate. Example echo server use futures::stream::Stream; use futures::future::{self,

socketcan-rs Rust SocketCAN support The Linux kernel supports using CAN-devices through a network-like API (

marcelbuesing tokio-socketcan-bcm The Broadcast Manager protocol provides a command based configuration interface to filter and send (e.g. cyclic) CAN messages in k

marcelbuesing can-dbc A CAN-dbc format parser written with Rust's nom parser combinator library. 1. Example Read dbc file and generate Rust structs based on the mes

LibreTuner TuneUtils A lightweight library with vehicle tuning utilities. This includes utilities for communicating with OBD-II services, firmware downloading/fl

JulianSchmid someip_parse A Rust library for parsing the SOME/IP network protocol (without payload interpretation). Usage Add the following to your Cargo.toml: [de

JulianSchmid dlt_parse A zero allocation rust library for basic parsing & writing DLT (Diagnostic Log and Trace) packets. Currently only the parsing and writing of