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lukstei yahoo-finance-rust-cli Displays your configurable stock portfolio using Yahoo Finance data. It uses the WebSocket of the website to get real time (but

azur1s Vari Vari (Väri) is a Rust library for formatting strings with colors and cosmetic stuff to the terminal. Like Rich library for Python. Installing [de

Omnikar UnDAG UnDAG is an esoteric programming language where the program is a Git repository — the repository does not track the program, but rather is itsel

curlpipe Synchron A terminal music player Installation This requires gstreamer as well as it's plugins and development libraries. You will also need a dbus ses

ahmadrosid WLP Set wallpaper from your terminal. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Installation Manual git clone cargo in

camden-smallwood PDB Decompiler About Usage Contributing About A tool to decompile MSVC PDB files to C++ source code. This tool is a work in progress and will most lik

h3r2tic 🌈 🙈 notorious6 Experiments in mapping HDR stimulus to display via shaders and stuff. Building and running Should work on Windows and Linux ( 🐧 not

kognise overengineeRING a webring of people who make cool stuff. technology, music, art, writing, anything goes! joining

GoXLR-on-Linux GoXLR configuration utility A tool to initialize and configure a GoXLR without requiring a Windows VM. Setting Permissions Copy 50-goxlr.rules to /etc

DioxusLabs Example projects with Dioxus This repository holds the code for a variety of example projects built with Dioxus. Each project has information on how t

GoXLR-on-Linux GoXLR configuration utility A tool to initialize and configure a GoXLR without requiring a Windows VM. Setting Permissions Copy 50-goxlr.rules to /etc

Sazzo Nazuna 🐦 Download Twitter videos using your terminal! Installation Binary Download the desired file for your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) from https://gi

tkellogg Dura Dura is a background process that watches your Git repositories and commits your uncommitted changes without impacting HEAD, the current branch,

coastalwhite Lemurs 🐒 A TUI Display/Login Manager written in Rust WIP: Whilst the project is working and installable, there are still a lot of bugs and limitation

genonullfree Terminus Terminus is an application that locates the ELF files that import or export a specific function. This can be used to quickly identify which l

landaire porkchop Decryption utility for Yaesu ham radio firmware images. Background Yaesu provides a firmware update utility for their ham radios that contain

serokell A Simple, multi-profile Nix-flake deploy tool. Questions? Need help? Join us on Matrix: Usage Basic usage: deploy [options] <fla

ccmlm VSDB VSDB is a 'Git' in the form of a KV database. Based on the powerful version control function of VSDB, you can easily give your data structure the

sayanarijit ▸[ xplr] A hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer [Install] [Documentation] [Plugins] [Community] xplr is a terminal UI based file explorer that ai

BurntSushi xsv is a command line program for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files. Commands should be simple, fast and composable: Simpl

Miserlou loop "UNIX's missing loop command!" loop lets you write powerful, intuitive looping one-liners in your favorite shell! Finally, loops in Bash that mak

simeg eureka eureka is a CLI tool that allows you to quickly write down an idea using your preferred editor, and then have the idea committed and pushed to

ajeetdsouza zoxide zoxide is a smarter cd command, inspired by z and autojump. It remembers which directories you use most frequently, so you can "jump" to them i

epilys rlr: a pixel screen ruler Rust + GTK interactive pixel screen ruler with protractor mode. demo use Quit with q or Ctrl-Q. Click to drag. Press r to ro

rust-terminfo terminfo Terminal capabilities with type-safe getters. Usage Add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] terminfo = "0.1" and this to your crate root:

ascjones xcm-cli ⚠️ Current status: not working. Requires fix to subxt for configuring signed extensions ⚠️ Teleport Asset E.g. teleporting to Canvas parachain

queer qit Overly opinionated git tooling. qit is a utility that wraps around git in order to make some operations less painful. Pretty pictures Configuratio

mgrachev Update informer for CLI applications written in Rust 🦀

adamchainz oxipng pre-commit mirror Mirror of oxipng for pre-commit. Installation Add to your pre-commit config: - repo:

shssoichiro hdrcopier Dependencies mkvtoolnix CLI mediainfo CLI ffprobe Usage hdrcopier [input] [target] [output] input = file to copy metadata from target = file

DarthBenro008 A CLI written in rust to check who follows and unfollows you on GitHub G-unfollower A simple CLI that tell watches and let's you know if anyone has fo

SimonPersson Davis Davis is a MPD client for music lovers. Davis displays detailed metadata: Davis displays any metadata you like! The performers, conductor, ensem