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eastrd Stack of Knowledge Universe A universe that consists of meta knowledge domains from Stack Exchange, made using Bevy with ❤️ . Setup Remove .placeholde

torfmaster ribzip2 - a comprehensible bzip2 implementation ribzip2 is command line utility providing bzip2 compression and decompression written in pure Rust. It

datamole-ai Gomez A pure Rust framework and implementation of (derivative-free) methods for solving nonlinear (bound-constrained) systems of equations. Warning: T

matrix-org A Rust implementation of Olm and Megolm vodozemac is a Rust implementation of libolm, a cryptographic library used for end-to-end encryption in Matrix

snoyberg soda Simple command line utility for encrypting and decrypting secrets. More information to come if anyone actually cares. For now writing a bare mini

luminaryphi Randomized SNIP-721 Mint Impl This contract is a reference implementation using Baedriks SNIP-721 impl as a framework, optimized for randomly minting

grtcdr paspio paspio, short for pasvorta entropio, is a password entropy calculator/library. Please refrain from using this as a sole measure of password str

tannerdolby Bug Saves World this is a really early demo photo of what one of the loading screens will sorta look like You are the last bug left on planet Earth, t

gendx Horcrux - Rust implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing This program is an example implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing in Rust. You can find mo

richardanaya Rust Web Local Storage API A Rust implementation of the Web LocalStorage API, for use in non-browser contexts About the Web Local Storage API MDN docs

rust-zkp PLONK This is a pure Rust implementation of the PLONK zk proving system Usage use ark_plonk::prelude::*; use ark_ec::bls12::Bls12; use rand_core::OsRn

SpectralOps ✅ Automate your key and secret validation workflows 🤠 Over 30 different providers 🤖 Export to JSON, audit via CSV 🔑 Keyscope Keyscope is a key and

MiSawa XQ JQ reimplemented purely in Rust. Caution This program is under development. You probably want to use the original implementation of jq, or pure Go

benwr Bromberg-Shpilrain-Vdovina SL₂ Homomorphic Hashing This is an implementation of the Tillich-Zémor-style hash function presented in the paper "Navigati

FindoraNetwork #Zei: Findora's Cryptographic Library Zei is a library that provide tools to create and verify public transaction with confidential data. Support: Bas

denoffi deno_plugin_ffi (WIP & Need Help) Deno Foreign Function Interface. deno_ffi is a Deno plugin for loading and calling dynamic libraries using pure Java

novifinancial Winterfell 🐺 An experimental project for building a distributed STARK prover. WARNING: This is a research project. It has not been audited and may co

citronneur Kerlab A Rust implementation of Kerberos for FUn and Detection Kerlab was developped just to drill down kerberos protocol and better understand it. Th

build-trust Tools for mutual authenticated and end-to-end encrypted messaging between distributed applications.

actuday6418 Diary is a TUI program written in Rust for GNU/Linux / *BSD / Android (It probably works on other platforms too, but who cares) that helps you write a digital journal from the comfort of a TUI. It ecrypts both text and file data,

facebookresearch Cupcake is an efficient Rust library for the (additive version of) Fan-Vercauteren homomorphic encryption scheme, offering capabilities to encrypt vectors, add/subtract two encrypted vectors, and rerandomize a ciphertext.

zhuowei C++ std::unique_ptr that represents each object as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

mcountryman simd-adler32 A SIMD-accelerated Adler-32 rolling hash algorithm implementation. Features No dependencies Support no_std (with default-features = false

http-rs tide-acme helps you serve HTTPS with Rust and Tide using automatic certificates, via Let's Encrypt and ACME tls-alpn-01 challenges.

tecosaur Org-LSP Allow the unwashed masses to use Org, without using Emacs, using Emacs. This is a nascent idea. If you have thoughts, please share them 🙂 . M

trussed-dev Trussed® Modern Cryptographic Firmware Status Very much WIP. Actively developed. Unstable APIs. Resources API docs:

lunush Rates is a scriptable CLI tool that brings currency exchange rates right into your terminal and supports 30+ fiat and 10K+ crypto currencies.

google Mundane is a Rust cryptography library backed by BoringSSL that is difficult to misuse, ergonomic, and performant (in that order).

mortendahl Paillier Efficient pure-Rust library for the Paillier partially homomorphic encryption scheme, offering also packed encoding for encrypting several va

snipsco Threshold Secret Sharing Efficient pure-Rust library for secret sharing, offering efficient share generation and reconstruction for both traditional S

rust-crypto-labs rust-sike is a Rust implementation of the SIKE isogeny-based key encapsulation suite (SIKE 1), a post-quantum candidate submitted to the NIST standard

spinresearch lamport_sigs lamport_sigs is a Rust implementation of the Lamport one-time signature scheme. Documentation Documentation is available. Bug Reporting P