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Crates to interface with database management systems

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HyeonuPark Undis Undis is a serde-compatible redis library for Rust. WIP This project is currently under heavy development. Use it at your own risk. License Undi

zshipko ocaml-rs - OCaml extensions in Rust ocaml-rs allows for OCaml extensions to be written directly in Rust with no C stubs. It was originally forked from

despawnerer Scooby An SQL query builder with a pleasant fluent API closely imitating actual SQL. Meant to comfortably build dynamic queries with a little bit of s

borkdude This is very much an experiment and I'm open to feedback on where to take this next.

ltoddy I write a Rust client library without 3rd party libraries recently

tomcumming Tiny event sourcing database written in rust with tokio and hyper

shssoichiro sqlformat - Formats whitespace in a SQL string to make it easier to read

awslabs dynein /daɪ.nɪn/ is a command line interface for Amazon DynamoDB written in Rust. dynein is designed to make it simple to interact with DynamoDB tables/items from terminal.

datafusedev FuseQuery is a Distributed SQL Query Engine at scale.

pgcentralfoundation pgx is a framework for developing PostgreSQL extensions in Rust and wants to make that process as idiomatic and safe as possible. Currently, pgx supports Postgres v10, v11, and v12.

sorccu r2d2-redis redis-rs support library for the r2d2 connection pool totally based on Steven Fackler's r2d2-postgres. All props to him. Documentation is a

alexpikalov CDRS CDRS is Apache Cassandra driver written in pure Rust. 💡 Looking for an async version? async-std (API i

influxdb-rs Unofficial InfluxDB Driver for Rust This library is a work in progress. Although we've been using it in production at OpenVelo, we've prioritized feat

suharev7 Async ClickHouse Client Asynchronous Yandex ClickHouse client library for rust programming language. Installation Library hosted on [depend

fmeow arangors arangors is an intuitive rust client for ArangoDB, inspired by pyArango. arangors enables you to connect with ArangoDB server, access to data

bikeshedder Deadpool Deadpool is a dead simple async pool for connections and objects of any type. This crate provides two implementations: Managed pool (deadpool

rust-db A powerful database schema builder, that lets you write your SQL migrations in Rust! barrel offers callback-style builder functions for SQL migrations

adwhit diesel-derive-enum Use Rust enums directly with diesel ORM. The latest release, 1.0.0, is tested against diesel 1.4 and rustc 1.39.0. It may work with

mozilla lmdb-rs Idiomatic and safe APIs for interacting with the Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB). This repo is a fork of danburkert/lmdb-rs with

koka ODBC wrapper for safe idiomatic Rust Library for writing ODBC applications in Rust. If you're looking for raw ODBC FFI bindings check odbc-safe and od

blackbeam mysql_common This crate is an implementation of basic MySql protocol primitives. This crate: defines basic MySql constants; implements necessary funct

oschwald Rust MaxMind DB Reader This library reads the MaxMind DB format, including the GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 databases. Building To build everything: cargo buil

mozilla rkv The rkv Rust crate is a simple, humane, typed key-value storage solution. It supports multiple backend engines with varying guarantees, such as LM

burntsushi tabwriter is a crate that implements elastic tabstops. It provides both a library for wrapping Rust Writers and a small program that exposes the same

amqp-rs A Rust AMQP client library. This project follows the AMQP 0.9.1 specifications, targeting especially RabbitMQ. Feature switches codegen: generate code