Crates to help you figure out what is going on with your code such as logging, tracing, or assertions

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jamesmunns defmt-bbq A generic bbqueue based transport for defmt log messages defmt ("de format", short for "deferred formatting") is a highly efficient logging

zu1k LDAP log # ldap-log started ldap:// ... Bind: Search: aaa UnBind 17

nwmqpa Loki Logger A loki logger for the log facade. Examples extern crate log; extern crate loki_logger; use log::LevelFilter; #[tokio::main] async fn main

headcrab-rs This project's goal is to provide a modern debugger library for Rust so that you could build custom debuggers specific for your application. It will be developed with modern operating systems and platforms in mind.

nbaksalyar This project's goal is to provide a modern debugger library for Rust so that you could build custom debuggers specific for your application. It will be developed with modern operating systems and platforms in mind.

fitzgen source-map-mappings Parse the "mappings" string from a source map. This is intended to be compiled to WebAssembly and eventually used from the mozilla

bonsaiden debug-stub-derive A drop-in replacement for #[derive(Debug)] that supports replacement values for members which do not implement fmt::Debug. Usage Add

gimli-rs ddbug - Display debugging information ddbug is a utility for using DWARF debugging information to explore aspects code generation, and in particular t

quadrupleslap badlog A garishly colored and extremely simple logger - the best kind. Installation [dependencies] badlog = "1.1" log = "0.4" Usage Call one of the in

mxseev logram - pipe log updates to Telegram Logram takes logs from files and systemd services and send them to Telegram. Usage Download the latest release a

yaahc Spandoc This project is still a WIP and is currently pre-release. If you want to try using it check out the example and the dev dependencies for an id

viseztrance Flow Flow is a tail like tool that can group and filter out data. Instalation Currently there are no prebuilt binaries, but with the help of people su

brayniac tic - time interval counts and statistics a high-performance stats library focused on rates and latencies from timestamped events Code of Conduct NOTE

rustwasm wasm-tracing-allocator A global allocator for Wasm that traces allocations and deallocations for debugging purposes. API Docs | Contributing | Chat Bu

ihrwein actiondb Actiondb is a library and its associated tools to efficiently extract information from unstructured data. It's a tool to parse logs and extra

mic92 cntr Say no to $ apt install vim in containers! cntr is a replacement for docker exec that brings all your developers tools with you. This allows to s

emit-rs emit This crate implements a structured logging API similar to the one in Serilog. Web and distributed applications use structured logging to improve

mitsuhiko better-panic better-panic gives you pretty backtraces for panics. It is inspired by Python tracebacks and tries to replicate them as well as possible.

psurply DWFV A simple digital waveform viewer with vi-like key bindings. $ dwfv sample.vcd The tool takes a Value Change Dump (VCD) file (as defined by IEEE S

spacejam historian A zero-config simple histogram collector. ~160ns/collection with a random input, ~65ns/collection on already existing metrics. Uses logarith

mozilla rust-code-analysis rust-code-analysis is a Rust library to analyze and extract information from source codes written in many different programming lan

japaric stlog Ultra lightweight logging framework for resource constrained devices Documentation License Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0

daniel5151 gdbstub An implementation of the GDB Remote Serial Protocol in Rust, primarily for use in emulators. gdbstub tries to make as few assumptions as possi

roxasshadow rollbar-rs Track and report errors, exceptions and messages from your Rust application to Rollbar. Usage Automatic logging examples/ will show

radareorg The Rust Crate to interact with radare2. Please check Documentation to get started. NOTICE Structures and API functions have been moved to r

clog-tool clog A library for generating a conventional changelog from git metadata, written in Rust About clog creates a changelog automatically from your local

kpcyrd boxxy-rs "If you implement boundaries and nobody is around to push them, do they even exist?". Have you ever wondered how your sandbox looks like from

postmates cernan - telemetry aggregation and shipping, last up the ladder Cernan is a telemetry and logging aggregation server. It exposes multiple interfaces f

frehberg releasetag The crate 'releasetag' provides tooling to identify from crash-files the release-tag post-mortem. Releasetags are placed in context of main

orenbenkiki loggy An opinionated library for developing and testing rust applications that use logging. This is inspired by simple-logging implementation, with ad

slog-rs slog-scope - Logging scopes for slog-rs slog-scope allows logging without manually handling Logger objects. It is generally advised NOT to use slog_sc

mstange msvc-demangler msvc-demangler is a crate for Rust that can demangle C++ symbols which use the MSVC mangling scheme. These are emitted by the Microsoft