Crates to help with Sending, receiving, formatting, and parsing email

Newest releases

giggio This app reads a csv file and sends an email with a formatted Handlebars file.

soywod 📫 Minimalist CLI email client, written in Rust.

addr-rs Robust domain name parsing and RFC compliant email address validation This library uses Mozilla's Public Suffix List to reliably parse domain names an

gildedhonour 新しい IMAP client 新しい (atarashii/new) IMAP client in Rust. It supports plain and secure connections. In progress It's under development... Usage Put thi

mikedilger Mailstrom Documentation Mailstrom is a rust library that handles email delivery for rust programs in a background worker thread. It does the following

staktrace maildir A simple library to deal with maildir folders API The primary entry point for this library is the Maildir structure, which can be created from

mikedilger mime-multipart Rust library for MIME multipart parsing, construction, and streaming Documentation is available at

mikedilger email-format "Internet Message Format" meticulously implemented for email construction and validation, as defined in RFC 5322 and other RFCs. Document

async-email async-smtp Async implementation of SMTP API Docs | Releases Based on the great lettre library. Example use async_smtp::{ ClientSecurity, Envelope,

vitiral strfmt: rust library for formatting dynamic strings Note: this library is fairly stable and tested, but new features are in the early stages of develo

gsquire sendgrid-rs Unofficial Rust library for the SendGrid API. This crate requires Rust 1.15 or higher as it uses a crate that has a custom derive implemen

async-email async-imap Async implementation of IMAP API Docs | Releases Based on the great rust-imap library. This crate lets you connect to and interact with ser

staktrace mailparse A simple parser for MIME email messages. API The primary entry point for this library is the following function: parse_mail(&[u8]) -> Re

jonhoo imap This crate lets you connect to and interact with servers that implement the IMAP protocol (RFC 3501 and various extensions). After authenticating

lettre lettre A mailer library for Rust Features Lettre provides the following features: Multiple transport methods Unicode support (for email content and ad

hyperium mime Support MIME (HTTP Media Types) as strong types in Rust. Documentation Usage extern crate mime; fn main() { // common types are constants