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higumachan lindera-js A lidera japanese tokenizer wrapper for javascript and typescript Usage npm i lindera-js import * as lindera from "lindera-js"; console.lo

Kixunil Rust implementation of BIP21 Rust-idiomatic, compliant, flexible and performant BIP21 crate. About Important: while lot of work went into polishing th

gfx-rs The Rust Graphics Meetup The Rust Graphics Meetup is a place where formal talks can be given about the state of graphics work in the Rust Language. To

sebbbi Rust & Vulkan test projects Contains test projects for Rust & Vulkan The first test project renders 1 million cubes, each containing a 950 MB (uncompr

cholcombe973 block-utils Rust utilities for working with block devices. Basic support has been added to detect if block devices are ssd or rotational. Also has sup

Bauxitedev Bitmapflow is a tool to help you generate inbetweens for animated sprites. In other words, it makes your animations smoother. It uses optical flow to

dfrg swash Swash is a pure Rust, cross-platform crate that provides font introspection, complex text shaping and glyph rendering. Goals This crate aims to

itytophile RAB Rusty Armor Builds - Monster Hunter Rise Armor Set Creation Tool Armor files used by RAB here:

dscvr-one IC DRIP An Internet Computer version of Loot Project Projects IC Drip IC Drip are randomly generated meta-commerce shopping carts for outfits and pers

cyberknight777 SpamProtection-rs Table of contents About Supported Rust version Features How to use Credits License About SpamProtection-rs is a Rust wrapper for Int

cerrno 2D Predictive-Corrective Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) implementation in Rust with WASM + WebGL

mitchmindtree A real-time implementation of "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" using nannou and rust-gpu.

simbleau NVIDIA® Tools Extension SDK (NVTX) is a C-based Application Programming Interface (API) for annotating events, code ranges, and resources in your applications.

matze inkdrop is an artsy bitmap to vector converter.

omen-of-aecio VxDraw - Simple 2D rendering for Rust Introduction vxdraw is a rendering library for drawing sprites, text, and streaming textures to a window. It is

cogciprocate Voodoo - A high-performance Vulkan® API for Rust Documentation | Change Log Features: An intuitive and idiomatic interface Zero additional overhead No

pistondevelopers opengl_graphics An OpenGL 2D back-end for the Piston game engine Maintainers: @Potpourri, @bvssvni, @mitchmindtree Important! OpenGL needs to load fun

andelf As of rust-sdl2v0.27 this crate is deprecated and its functionality has been moved as a feature in rust-sdl2 Rust-SDL2_mixer Rust bindings for SDL2_mi

rukai Vulkano Text This library is useful if you are building a game prototype with Vulkano and want a quick way to add basic text rendering: You can only u

loovjo ytesrev (higher quality in real life, gif looks like trash thanks to compression and me not knowing how to make it better) This is a presentation tool

gwihlidal vk-sync Simplified Vulkan synchronization logic, written in rust. Documentation Release Notes Overview In an effort to make Vulkan synchronization mor

michaelfairley imgui-opengl-renderer OpenGL (3+) rendering for imgui-rs Integration guide Construct it (passing in an OpenGL function loader from SDL2 or glutin or s

brandonpollack23 Sarekt Overview This is my third attempt to make something in Vulkan. I think I've accumulated enough knowledge and wherewithal to make something wort

msiglreith grr! A bare metal library for OpenGL 4.5+ [dependencies] grr = "0.7" grr aims at providing a thin layer above OpenGL 4.5+, exposing a modern API orien

kylewlacy glitter - A safe, low-level, zero-cost Rust OpenGL wrapper library glitter is an experimental Rust library designed to wrap the OpenGL graphics API. I

protoart spritec - The sprite compiler This project is currently in the prototyping phase. That means that while we have a working proof-of-concept, we are not

gltf-rs mikktspace Port of the Mikkelsen Tangent Space Algorithm reference implementation. Requires at least Rust 1.31.0. Examples generate Demonstrates gener

sunjay turtle Tweet your drawings to us on Twitter at @RustTurtle and follow us to see what is being created! Create animated drawings with the Rust programm

psychonautwiki ul High level bindings to Ultralight SDK. Ultralight is a light and fast option to integrate GPU-accelerated HTML UI in your app. — document

nannou-org nannou An open-source creative-coding toolkit for Rust. nannou is a collection of code aimed at making it easy for artists to express themselves with

kevinkelley NanoVG - Rust Wrapper NanoVG-RS is a wrapper around the NanoVG vector graphics library for the Rust programming language. NanoVG is small antialiased

PistonDevelopers glfw-rs GLFW bindings and wrapper for The Rust Programming Language. Example extern crate glfw; use glfw::{Action, Context, Key}; fn main() { le