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luqmana WireGuard UWP A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) VPN Plug-in for WireGuardยฎ written in Rust. Windows provides a plug-in based model for adding 3rd-par

DjDeveloperr deno_desktop Windowing support for Deno WebGPU. In very early stages at the moment. Usage const win = Deno.createWindow({ title: "Deno Desktop", w

estebank Rust Iterator Items: a syntax exploration This crate is a thin wrapper around the unstable generator feature, allowing users to create new items that

b23r0 Cliws Lightweight bind/reverse PTY shell with Windows&Linux support implementation by Rust. Features WebSocket Full pty support: VIM, SSH, readline, C

kellpossible Sentry Rust SDK: sentry-anyhow Adds support for capturing Sentry errors from anyhow::Error. Example use sentry_anyhow::capture_anyhow; let result = ma

serayuzgur crates Hello Rust & VSCode lovers, This is crates, an extension for crates.io dependencies. Aims helping developers to manage dependencies while using

ZoeyR Rust support for Visual Studio 2017 Preview Adds language support for Rust to Visual Studio 2017. Supports: code completion goto definition find all r

PistonDevelopers Visual Studio extension for Rust Currently in development, and not feature complete. Stable versions are available on the Visual Studio extension gall

PistonDevelopers Visual Studio extension for Rust Currently in development, and not feature complete. Stable versions are available on the Visual Studio extension gall

autozimu For legacy python implementation, see branch master. LanguageClient-neovim Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim. More recordings

racer-rust Vim Racer Plugin This plugin allows vim to use Racer for Rust code completion and navigation. Installation Build / Install Racer Install using Pathoge

timonv Vim Cargo Simple vim command bindings to quickly run cargo stuff from vim. Commands Available, mapping with their Cargo equivalant: CargoBench CargoBu

rust-lang rust.vim Description This is a Vim plugin that provides Rust file detection, syntax highlighting, formatting, Syntastic integration, and more. It requ

rust-lang Rust Enhanced About This is a Sublime Text 3 package which supports Rust starting with version 1.0, it makes no attempt at supporting earlier incompat

oakes Introduction SolidOak is a simple IDE for Rust. See the website for binary releases. It has the following features: An embedded copy of Neovim as its

madeso Ride is a Rust IDE. It's named after concatenating R from rust and IDE. It's currently not in a usable state. If you're looking for something more complete, perhaps RustDT for Eclipse, SolidOak or Rust for brackets is your thing.

intellij-rust Rust plugin for the IntelliJ Platform Build Status Travis AppVeyor Stable Beta Nightly Installation & Usage Available installation options and feature

drrb Rust NetBeans Plugin A NetBeans plugin for Rust. Linux / OSX Windows Requirements NetBeans 8.2.x Java 8+ Rust Cargo Rustup Features So far, it include

kak-lsp Kakoune Language Server Protocol Client kak-lsp is a Language Server Protocol client for Kakoune implemented in Rust. Installation Note kak-lsp.toml d

emacs-lsp-legacy THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED AND SHOULD NO LONGER BE USED! Support for RUST is now configured and enabled in lsp-mode by default. Rust support for ls

racer-rust Racer for Emacs This is the official Emacs package for Racer. Table of Contents Racer for Emacs Completion Find Definitions Describe Functions and Typ

flycheck flycheck-rust โ€” Flycheck for Rust This Flycheck extension configures Flycheck automatically for the current Cargo project. Setup Install from MELPA or

rust-lang Table of Contents Introduction Installation Melpa Manual installation Feature guide Indentation Code formatting Running / testing / compiling code Cli

RustDT RustDT is an Eclipse based IDE for the Rust programming language:

eclipse-corrosion Eclipse Corrosion Rust edition and debug in Eclipse IDE Corrosion is a Rust development plugin for the Eclipse IDE, providing a rich edition experienc

rust-lang IDE-Rust Rust language support for Atom-IDE, powered by rust-analyzer. Features Auto-completion Diagnostics (errors and warnings from rustc) Document

zargony Rust language support in Atom Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to Rust files in Atom. Install Install the package language-rust in Atom (Preferen