Encoding JSON

Encoding JSON

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zzzgydi Auto launch any application or executable at startup.

eduardostuart COMPACTO (work in progress) A fast way to minify JSON. Usage/Examples # Compress # Input example (~0.11 KB) # { # "id": "123", # "name": "Edua

elfshaker elfshaker 400 GiB -> 100 MiB, with 1s access time†; when applied to clang builds. elfshaker is a low-footprint, high-performance version control syste

maybevoid Mononym Mononym is a library for creating unique type-level names for each value in Rust. The core type Named<Name, T> represents a named value of typ

ahungrynoob @node-rs/jsonschema A node package based on jsonschema-rs for performing JSON schema validation. Install yarn add @node-rs/jsonschema Support matrix

withoutboats camino - UTF-8 encoded paths camino is an extension of the std::path module, which adds new Utf8PathBuf and Utf8Path types. These are like the standar

tidwall GJSON is a Rust crate that provides a fast and simple way to get values from a json document. It has features such as one line retrieval, dot notation paths, iteration, and parsing json lines.

Diggsey More efficient alternative to `serde_json::Value` which saves memory by interning primitive values and using tagged pointers.

dprint jsonc-parser - JSONC parser

pyfisch This crate implements the Concise Binary Object Representation from RFC 7049. It builds on Serde, the generic serialization framework for Rust. CBOR provides a binary encoding for a superset of the JSON data model that is small an

datalust This is the JSON deserializer used by Seq's storage engine. You might find this useful if you're building a document database that stores documents as minified JSON maps.

p3ki Bendy A Rust library for encoding and decoding bencode with enforced canonicalization rules. Bencode is a simple but very effective encoding scheme, o

tafia calamine An Excel/OpenDocument Spreadsheets file reader/deserializer, in pure Rust. Documentation Description calamine is a pure Rust library to read

Nullus157 bs58 Another Rust Base58 codec implementation. Compared to base58 this is significantly faster at decoding (about 2.4x as fast when decoding 32 bytes)

jonasbb Custom de/serialization functions for Rust's serde This crate provides custom de/serialization helpers to use in combination with serde's with-annotat

rust-rse reed-solomon-erasure Rust implementation of Reed-Solomon erasure coding WASM builds are also available, see section WASM usage below for details This

nox x-www-form-urlencoded meets Serde This crate is a Rust library for serialising to and deserialising from the application/x-www-form-urlencoded format.

ron-rs Rusty Object Notation RON is a simple readable data serialization format that looks similar to Rust syntax. It's designed to support all of Serde's da

s-panferov What is Valico? Valico is a validation and coercion tool for JSON objects, written in Rust. It designed to be a support library for the various REST-l

paritytech Parity SCALE Codec Rust implementation of the SCALE (Simple Concatenated Aggregate Little-Endian) data format for types used in the Parity Substrate f

toml-rs toml-rs A TOML decoder and encoder for Rust. This library is currently compliant with the v0.5.0 version of TOML. This library will also likely contin

danburkert PROST! prost is a Protocol Buffers implementation for the Rust Language. prost generates simple, idiomatic Rust code from proto2 and proto3 files. Com

mongodb bson-rs Encoding and decoding support for BSON in Rust Index Overview of BSON Format Usage BSON Values BSON Documents Modeling BSON with strongly type

importcjj A-JSON Read JSON values quickly - Rust JSON Parser change name to AJSON, see issue Inspiration comes from gjson in golang Installation Add it to your

maciejhirsz json-rust Parse and serialize JSON with ease. Changelog - Complete Documentation - Cargo - Repository Why? JSON is a very loose format where anything

simd-lite Rust port of extremely fast simdjson JSON parser with serde compatibility. readme (for real!) simdjson version Currently tracking

serde-rs Serde is a framework for serializing and deserializing Rust data structures efficiently and generically. [dependencies] serde_json = "1.0

pikkr Pikkr JSON parser which picks up values directly without performing tokenization in Rust Abstract Pikkr is a JSON parser which picks up values directl