Crates related to solving problems involving math, physics, chemistry, biology, machine learning, geoscience, and other scientific fields

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ekzhang Percival Percival is a declarative data query and visualization language. It provides a reactive, web-based notebook environment for exploring complex

brentp WIP zig wrapper for htslib parsing of VCFs for genetic variants I wrote this learning zig so it probably has many non-ziggy usages. Much of htslib VCF

fornwall rust-script Run Rust files and expressions without any setup or compilation necessary. See the documentation at Related projects carg

dignifiedquire num-bigint-dig Big integer types for Rust, BigInt and BigUint. Warning This is a fork of rust-num/num-bigint with a focus on providing functionality,

rust-or good_lp A Linear Programming modeler that is easy to use, performant with large problems, and well-typed. use good_lp::{variables, variable, coin_cbc,

samtools HTSlib is an implementation of a unified C library for accessing common file formats, such as SAM, CRAM and VCF, used for high-throughput sequencing d

lskatz Fasten Perform random operations on fastq files, using unix streaming. Secure your analysis with Fasten! Installation Fasten is programmed in the Rust

amethyst specs-physics specs-physics aims to be an easily usable and extendable nphysics physics engine integration for applications and games that utilise the

georust Rust-Geohash Rust-Geohash is a Rust library for Geohash algorithm. Ported from node-geohash module. Documentation Docs Check the API doc at Li

cogciprocate ocl Documentation | Change Log Pure OpenCL™ bindings and interfaces for Rust. Goals To provide: A simple and intuitive interface to OpenCL devices The

mech-lang Mech is a language for developing data-driven, reactive systems like animations, games, and robots. It makes composing, transforming, and distributing

osm-without-borders Cosmogony This is home to Cosmogony, a project that aims at providing an efficient tool to quickly use and update worldwide geographical regions. It r

phayes tallystick tallystick is a work-in-progress rust library for tallying votes. Current state is very unstable. It is not currently recommended for use.

pyk Crabsformer Crabsformer is an easy-to-use fundamental library for scientific computing with Rust, highly inspired by NumPy. Notice! This project is in

rbagd Kalman filtering and smoothing library written in Rust Access documentation for the library here. Library is also referenced in Cargo index. Currently

numeric-rust Numeric Rust General-purpose N-dimensional matrix class for Rust. It links to OpenBLAS and LAPACK to make tensor operations fast (such as matrix multi

sandmor ptable This is a complete periodic table for rust, including the following fields: Atomic number Symbol Name Atomic mass CPK Color Electron configurat

paholg Documentation Dimensioned A Rust library for compile-time dimensional analysis. Its goal is to provide zero cost unit safety while requiring minimal e

georust wkt API Documentation Rust read/write support for well-known text (WKT). License Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 (LICENSE-APACHE

georust geocoding Rust utilities to enrich addresses, cities, countries, and landmarks with geographic coordinates through third-party geocoding web services.

messense bosonnlp-rs BosonNLP SDK for Rust Installation Add it to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] bosonnlp = "0.10" Add extern crate bosonnlp to your crate roo

onecodex Taxonomy This is a Rust library for reading, writing, and editing biological taxonomies. There are associated Python bindings for accessing most of th

ztlpn minilp A fast linear programming solver library. Linear programming is a technique for finding the minimum (or maximum) of a linear function of a set

spearow ARCHIVED REPO THIS REPOSITORY GOT MERGED INTO JUICE PLEASE CONTINUE HERE JUICE coaster • coaster is an extensible, pluggable, backend-agnostic framewo

kino-mc rsmt2 linux windows A generic library to interact with SMT-LIB 2 compliant solvers running in a separate system process, such as Z3. document

greyblake Technical Analysis for Rust (ta) Technical analysis library for Rust. Getting started Basic ideas List of indicators Running benchmarks License Contri

anp parasailors parasailors is a set of Rust bindings to the parasail vectorized pairwise sequence alignment library. parasail provides vectorized/SIMD ve

varlociraptor Varlociraptor Varlociraptor implements a novel, unified fully uncertainty-aware approach to genomic variant calling in arbitrary scenarios. Key featur

jtpond Calcify A crate for 3-D and 4-D vector and matrix algebra, conceived for use in physics simulations. Builds out from a basic ThreeVec struct including

urschrei Polylabel-rs A Rust implementation of the Polylabel algorithm The orange dot is the polygon centroid. The teal dot is the ideal label position. Red bo

vks average Calculate statistics of a sequence iteratively in a single pass, using constant space and avoiding numerical problems. The calculations can be

onecodex Finch Finch is an implementation of min-wise independent permutation locality sensitive hashing ("MinHashing") for genomic data. This repository provi