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frappe Frappe UI A set of components and utilities for rapid UI development. Frappe UI components are built using Vue 3 and Tailwind. Along with components,

pycbouh Godot Editor Assets Dock If you want direct access to all your assets, with previews and filtering at all times, this plugin may be of use for you. It

DarkflameUniverse Nexus Dashboard This is a WIP: For Advanced Users Deployment Docker docker run -d \ -e APP_SECRET_KEY='<secret_key>' \ -e APP_DATABASE_URI='mysq

AbderrahimSoubaiElidrissi Hermes CI Hermes CI is an open-source continuous integration platform mainly written in Go. Name Hermes is the winged herald and messenger of the Olym

JuliaDSP DSP.jl DSP.jl provides a number of common digital signal processing routines in Julia. These include: Periodogram estimation Filter design and filteri

CharlieDigital Vue3, Vite, Pinia (Vuex 5), Vue Router 4, Quasar, TypeScript Starter Template This repo contains a starter template that connects the following pieces

bagisto The Laravel eCommerce Size Chart Module allows the admin to easily create a size chart for their products. The size chart can be referenced by the customers to identify their accurate size.

ZhcnPanda Copyright (C) 2020 PixelExperience Plus Edition Device configuration for Redmi K30 Ultra ========================================= Before this ❤️ 致谢丶T

varletjs Nuxt 3 Minimal Starter We recommend to look at the documentation. Setup Make sure to install the dependencies yarn install Development Start the devel

apoleon33 cdtheque Project setup yarn install Compiles and hot-reloads for development yarn serve Compiles and minifies for production yarn build Lints and f

MartaBento Vue PWA Organic Fruit Shop Intro The main goal was to create a Progressive Web Application with Nuxt.js, Vue & Snipcart. Tailwind was used has the CSS

Abdullah-V MEVN stack twitter clone Here is live demo: START: 29 november 2020 END: 24 december Todos: Frontend TwitterButton c

un-pany 还在开发中,欢迎提交 PR 共建! ⚡️ 简介 完全基于 v3-admin 的 Electron 项目模板,文档也请参考 v3-admin 的文档。 ⌛ 功能 - 用户管理 - 登录 - 注销 - 权限验证 - 页面权限 - 指令权限 - 多环境 - development

Sorion Windmill Vue UI The component library for fast and accessible development of gorgeous interfaces. This is still a work in progress! Install npm i @sor

zakaria-29-dev sprint Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and minifies for production npm run build Lints an

harish2704 directus-sql-panel Directus panel component which shows result of stored SQL query as a table Installation cd <directus_project_directory> mkdir vendo

DogLooksGood A simple Emacs configuration with Meow Work in progress. Installation Download the repo and put it anywhere yo want. Start Emacs with emacs -q -l /pat

Varkaria Table of Contents Table of Contents What is guweb-nuxt? Requirements The team What is guweb-nuxt? guweb is the front-facing appearance of the osu! ser

breehall 30 Day Beginner HTML & CSS Coding Calendar In this repo you'll find a 30 day challenge of learning HTML and CSS through free resources, exercises, and

kawamataryo Chikamichi A very simple Chrome extension that enables fuzzy search of browsing histories and bookmark and tab. Inspired by Sidekick search dialog. Th

LauraWebdev NFTstatements A public list of projects, companies and individuals and their stance on NFTs. Overview Adding an entry Project setup & local serving Li

kawamataryo Fussy history search A very simple Chrome extension that enables fuzzy search of browsing histories and bookmark and tab. Inspired by Sidekick search

duncs NAME cssh - Cluster administration tool VERSION This documentation is for version: 4.16 SYNOPSIS cssh [-a '<command>'] [-K <seconds>] [-

koraycicekciogullari Dush Client - Under Development with Nuxt Js Build Setup # install dependencies $ npm install # serve with hot reload at localhost:3000 $ npm run dev

s1modev 🖼️ Media-Upload 📷 media-upload is a vue package for multiple images upload with preview. 🖼️ media-upload support the create and the update form, an

eggsy 🦀 is gone After 3 years of service, hosting your files, pictures and videos, we have decided to shut down due to financial

statping Statping - Web and App Status Monitoring for Any Type of Project View Wiki | Demo | iPhone | Android API | Docker | EC2 | Mac | Linux | Windows Statpi

joe0zf vue test Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and minif

gumernus Devoid Web 💾 Instalace & Run Před jakýmkoliv prvním spuštěím webu je potřeba stáhnout a nainstalovat veškteré potřebné věci. Development Pro developm

davidgranstrom telescope-scdoc.nvim A SuperCollider documentation picker. Requirements scnvim telescope Installation Install the plugin use { 'davidgranstrom/telesco

Tencent TDesign 是一套完整的 企业级设计体系,拥有基于 Vue / React / 小程序 等技术栈的组件库解决方案。 用于构建 设计统一 / 跨端多技术栈 的前端应用时,TDesign 更有优势。 仓库 TDesign 是一个 multi-repo, TDesign 有如下代码仓库: 桌面端组件库

surely-vue Surely Vue 简介 Surely Vue Table 是 Ant Design Vue 团队旗下的“高端”组件之一,该组件致力于解决大数据渲染、图表集成等复杂高频问题。 使用该组件可以流畅滚动 10 万行、10 万列的数据,你不必担心页面卡顿造成用户投诉,进而影响业务进展。 该组件虽然是 A