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freearhey vue2-filters A collection Vue.js filters. Installation Direct include Simply include vue2-filters after Vue and it will install itself automatically:

JuliaDSP DSP.jl DSP.jl provides a number of common digital signal processing routines in Julia. These include: Periodogram estimation Filter design and filteri

mazipan 🍒 Vue Currency Filter Lightweight vue currency filter based on accounting.js Demo Download # NPM npm i

jofftiquez #BlackLivesMatter! Black Lives Matter Movement Resources VueMorphling A collection of standard and custom VueJs filters

vuejs-community @vuejs-community/vue-filter-date-format Simple datetime filter for Vue.js Installation install from npm $ npm install @vuejs-community/vue-filter-date

lloydjatkinson vue-numeral-filter Vue.js filter for Numeral.js Allows for Numeral.js to be used inline in the template section of a component. This can be a convenie

nvim-lua telescope.nvim Gaze deeply into unknown regions using the power of the moon. Goals Pipeline Different Objects (Please note, this section is still in p

mazipan ✂️ Vue String Filter Lightweight Vue filter for string manipulation Demo Available Filter uppercase lower

vuejs-community @vuejs-community/vue-filter-date-parse Simple date parsing filter for Vue.js Installation install from npm $ npm install @vuejs-community/vue-filter-d

ERPedersen vue-units A plugin for adding handy conversion filters to your Vue.js project. Based on the convert-units package made by @ben-ng. Installation Instal

Digelly vue-trans This is a simple vue filter to provide a similar way of using translations in vue as one would in twig templates with the Symfony trans filt

stroobants-dev uBlock Origin - Shitty Copy-Paste websites filter Filter for uBlock origin to remove spam-website results from DuckDuckGo and Google that just blatant

pycbouh Godot Editor Assets Dock If you want direct access to all your assets, with previews and filtering at all times, this plugin may be of use for you. It

fatihozoglu Vue Invoice App This is the solution for Frontend Mentor Invoice App. You can keep track of your personal invoices with this app. You can create a new