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Aminerman vue-kinesis Easy to use Vue.js components for creating interactive animations Demo Kinesis Demo Installation npm install --save vue-kinesis Default i

VitorLuizC vue-flipper A component to flip elements with a nice transition. ⚡ It is really small, JavaScript + CSS (min + gzip) is smaller than 1KB 🎨 CSS uses S

denisinvader Vuenime A flexible Vue wrapper for Animejs npm install vuenime # or yarn add vuenime Storybook | CodeSandbox Usage In a component: <template> <div>

Orlandster vue-page-transition A lean Vue.js plugin for page / route transitions. Table of contents Installation Usage Transitions Demo Installation yarn add vue

kai-oswald vue-svg-transition Create 2-state, SVG-powered animated icons Codesandbox Demo inspired by Icon Transition Generator Quick start npm install --save vu

mike-prince vue-animate-scroll A small Vue component that provides an easy way to animate elements as they scroll into view. Setup npm i --save vue-animate-scroll

deivthings vue-sequential-entrance Vuejs Plugin for creating epic sequential animation entrances with a list of elements. Zero effort. Really lightweight Basic d

pearofducks femtoTween femtoTween's goal is to provide just enough tweening functionality to cover basic use cases. Through this primary goal, it should also be o

zulko Eagle.js - A slideshow framework for hackers Slideshow system built on top of the Vue.js Supports animations, themes, interactive widgets (for web dem

BenAHammond Vue-Anime Simple Vue bindings for Anime.js Install $ npm install --save vue-animejs import VueAnime from 'vue-animejs'; Vue.use(VueAnime) Usage Adds

danieldiekmeier vue-slide-up-down Like jQuery's slideUp / slideDown, but for Vue! Demo: Installation npm i vue-slide-up-

SeregPie VueTween Allows the components to tween their properties. demo Try it out! dependencies Vue setup npm npm install @seregpie/vuetween ES module Install

guanzo Vue Smooth Reflow (VSR) A Vue mixin that transitions reflow. When the component's data is changed, any CSS properties that you register will transitio

inamori vue-parent-change-transition Enable a child components to animate when it changes the parent. It'll be useful when you create a card game. (e.g. show

Orlandster vue-typed-js A Vue.js integration for Typed.js. Typed.js is a library that types. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you've set, back

Leocardoso94 animated-number-vue A simple vue animated number for Vue2, using anime. Live demo here Usage $ npm install animated-number-vue # OR $ yarn add animate

mattrothenberg Heads up! The fate of this repo is uncertain. I recommend using my new library, vue-flip-toolkit for all of your magic-move transition needs. vue-over

BinarCode vue2-transitions Demo Codesandbox ✨ Reusable component transitions Why ❓ Brings only the code that you need. Many alternative solutions import the who

JefferyHus Odometer About Vue-Odometer Smoothly transitions numbers with ease. Use this library to give you application a smooth animation, only applicable on nu

lukechinworth Vue Mixin Tween Vue mixin factory to tween component numerical data (using Tween.js). Installation npm install vue-mixin-tween Usage To tween a compon

jaweii Example: 使用方法 安装插件 npm i vueg --save 引入插件 import vueg from 'vueg' Vue.use(vueg, new Router(), Options) // 传入实例化后的router, Options为可选的插件配置 插件指令 插件注册了名为

chenqingspring Lottie Animation View for Vue (React, Angular) Generated by create-vue-component Wapper of bodymovin.js bodymovin is Adobe After Effects plugin for ex

radical-dreamers animated-vue A plugin to use animate.css animations as Vue2 transitions Demo: Coming soon! Installation and usage Install animated-vue and animate.css

asika32764 vue2-animate for Vue.js 2 Cross-browser CSS3 animation library A Vue.js port of Animate.css. For use with Vue's built-in transitions. | DEMO Credit @h