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mvertopoulos vue-msal Wrapper of MSAL.js (Microsoft Authentication Library) for usage in Vue. The vue-msal library enables client-side vue applications, running in

nachodd 🔒 vue-auth-href A VueJS directive for downloading files that are under a protected route schema (that needs an Authorization Header). It's a common t

phanan vue-facebook-signin-button A simple Vue plugin to include a custom Facebook sign-in button into your web app. Install This plugin can be installed as

phanan vue-google-signin-button A simple Vue plugin to include a Google sign-in button into your web app. Install This plugin can be installed as a module $

d0whc3r 🔑 Vue Auth Plugin A simple authentication and authorization library for Vue.js using typescript Inspired in @websanova/vue-auth Pull requests and iss

websanova Vue Auth A simple light-weight authentication library for Vue.js If you are still on 2.x please visit the 2.x to 3.x Upgrade Guide. Sponsor If you lik

vertcitron vue-google-api This project is outdated and no longer maintained, I can't find time to do what should be done here. Really sorry, if someone wants to

biessek DEPRECATED AccountKit Facebook Account Kit is being deprecated: read more A Vue.js Plugin Installatio

dgrubelic [WARNING]: README file is currently in process of rewrite and will be released soon. vue-authenticate vue-authenticate is easily configurable solution

JiriChara vue-kindergarten Introduction vue-kindergarten is a plugin for VueJS 2.0 that integrates kindergarten into your VueJS applications. It helps you to au