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Mackaelroni qb-garbagejob This is an edited version of qb-garagejob to allow the player to use qb-target and qb-radialmenu. Pretty straight forward. Player gets t

igorepst Context switch plugin for xplr context-switch.mp4 Saves and loads 10 contexts, incl. focused node and selection. Presents to the user a vertically spl

bbmaster123 10SM Native Windows 10 Start Menu/Fullscreen Start for Windows 11 *This is still experimental and while I have gotten it to work on my system, I canno

johndatserakis vue-simple-context-menu Simple context-menu component built for Vue. Works well with both left and right clicks. Nothing too fancy, just works and is

rawilk vue-context vue-context provides a simple yet flexible context menu for Vue. It is styled for the standard <ul> tag, but any menu template can be used

michitaro vue-menu Introduction Recent web technologies focus on mobile environments. UIs premised on mouse operation such as window, context-menu, nested-menu

zgj233 vue-mouse-menu 2.0 Support multi-terminal run of the pop-up menu plug-in Features Support PC and mobile Can be invoked directly by custom directive Su

timwis vue-lil-context-menu A flexible context menu component for Vue. Pass it any menu template you like; it doesn't even have to be a menu. Always disappea

vmaimone vue-context-menu vue context-menu component Demo: Example Usage <div @contextmenu.prevent="$refs.ctxMenu.