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MohammadS3dd awesome, zero dependency, performant Vue datepicker component

kenhyuwa Litepie Datepicker is a date range picker component for Vue.js and Tailwind CSS, dependent to day.js.

mathieustan vue-datepicker A datepicker Vue component. Compatible with Vue 2.x Demo Install Usage Props Events Date Formatting Translations Best Practices Demo To

ly525 Document | 中文文档 If the document is not accessible, please open an issue, I will fix it right away. v-md-date-range-picker Material Design DateRangePic

sbarry50 Vue Business Hours Vue component for setting business hours in an administration panel. Option to use a text <input> and <datalist> component with 'au

chronotruck VueCtkDateTimePicker A vue component for select dates (range mode available) & time This documentation is for v2.*. Find v1 documentation here Dark mo

8788 vue-date-picker datepicker component for Vue 2.x Screenshot Instllation $ npm install vue-date-picker --save Usage <template> <div class="demo">

alexiscolin vue-timeselector 🕒 Simple customizable Vue.js timepicker component vue-timeselector is a Vue (2.x) component that gives you ability to select a time

Shchepotin Vue Datetime Picker Fast, powerful and easy to use component datetime picker for VueJS. The component includes localization, highlight and disable dat

liloow DraggableCal A datepicker Vue component. Compatible with Vue 2.x Demo Install Usage Available Languages Dev & Build Licence Thanks Demo To view a demo

ikarosu vue-datepicker-mobile v2 中文版 Live Demo Props param description type default custom custom data.* [object, array] - endText text of end for selected st

Owumaro vue-date-range-picker A vue component using Bootstrap 4 styles for date range selection Live demo (jsfiddle) Features Date range selection Compare fea

talkhabi vue-persian-datetime-picker A vue plugin to select jalali date and time See documentation and demo at vue-persian-datetime-picker Installation browser

MikaelEdebro vue-airbnb-style-datepicker This is a VueJs version of the popular AirBnb datepicker. Supports range selection, disabling of dates, custom configurati

weifeiyue vue-datepicker-local A Beautiful Datepicker Component For Vue2 Lightweight (less than 5kb minified and gzipped) Only dependencies Vue Beautiful! Demo

dwqs 中文 README v2-datepicker A simple datepicker component based Vue 2.x. Installation npm: npm i --save v2-datepicker or yarn yarn add v2-datepicker Ge

bliblidotcom VueRangedatePicker Date picker with range selection Demo Installation npm install --save vue

mariomka vue-datetime Mobile friendly datetime picker for Vue. Supports date, datetime and time modes, i18n and more. Demo Go to demo. Installation Bundler (We

theroozbeh vue persian datepicker This is a Jalali date picker component for Vue. این برنامه یک کامپوننت انتخاب تاریخ جلالی می باشد. Demo You can see a demo and

ZestfulNation vue-hotel-datepicker A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custo

ittus vue-monthly-picker Vue Monthly Picker Components Checkout demo at Support Install npm install vue-monthly-

trevorstacy Vue Date Picker A vue date picker component inspired by material design Contents Installing Examples Formatting Selected Date API Installing $ npm ins

pepour vue-jalaali-datepicker Jalaali calendar and datepicker for vue.js 2 Demo Requirements Vue.js ^2.0.0 moment-jalaali ^0.6.0 Installation npm $ npm insta

ankurk91 Vue FlatPickr Component Vue.js component for Flatpickr date-time picker Demo or JSFiddle Features Reactive v-model value You can change flatpickr valu

charliekassel Datepicker A datepicker Vue component. Compatible with Vue 2.x Demo Install Usage Date Formatting Props Events Disabled dates Highlighted dates Transl

phoenixwong Vue2 Timepicker 💡 Dead repo recharged 🔋 A dropdown time picker (hour|minute|second) for Vue 2.x, with flexible time format support. Demo You can see