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Rudeus3Greyrat vue-keyboard-multiselect A project for building a keyboard-supported MultiSelect component based on Vue.js. Build Setup # install dependencies npm i v

soft4ti Vue Select Sides A component for Vue.js to select double-sided data. The customer can select one or more items and ship them from side to side. Values

ProticM Vue GridMultiselect Simple multi-select component with items displayed in a table like UI Table of Contents 🔨 Installation 📢 Introduction 📢 Basic U

moreta vue-search-select A Vue.js search select component with NO dependencies. CSS borrowed from Version 2.x Support Vue.js

Sandalf @alfsnd/vue-bootstrap-select A vue version of bootstrap select Demo Install npm install @alfsnd/vue-bootstrap-select --save Usage import VSelect from

iliyaZelenko The current version is 3.x, if you are looking for 2.x, you can find it here (also, see breaking changes). Flexible select Demo + Documentation Featur

TerryZ v-selectpage · A powerful selection plugin for Vue2, list or table view of pagination, use tags form for multiple selection, i18n and server side reso

TerryZ v-region 简洁强大的中国行政区划选择器,可选择 “省/直辖市”、“市”、“区/县”、“乡/镇/街道” 4 级行政区域 A simple region cascade selector for Vue2, provide 4 levels Chinese administrative divi

IneoO This component gives you a multi/single select with the power of Vuejs components. Demo and doc site vue-multi-select

zanseven007 v-cascade A lovely component of cascade selector with vue.js (Support both of PC and Mobile) 中文文档 Introduction Demo Screenshot basic-selector remote-s

mikerodham vue-dropdowns A better way to handle v-for on objects. No special dependencies, no jquery, no bootstrap, just VueJS and CSS goodness. Demo Demo - http

k186 pd-select mobile wheel select demo browser       version       IE >11 Edg >=16 Firefox >=57 chrome >=47 safari >=11 iOS Safari >=9.3 Chrome for Androi

riophae vue-treeselect A multi-select component with nested options support for Vue.js Features Single & multiple select with nested options support Fuzzy mat

mazipan ✅ Vue Select Image Vue 2.x component for selecting image from list Demo Installation # Yarn yarn add vue-s

stfalcon-studio stf vue select VUE2 stf vue select - most flexible and customized select For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the DEMO install # inst

shentao vue-multiselect Probably the most complete selecting solution for Vue.js 2.0, without jQuery. Documentation Visit: Sponsors Gol

sagalbot vue-select Everything you wish the HTML <select> element could do, wrapped up into a lightweight, zero dependency, extensible Vue component. Vue Selec