HTTP Requests

HTTP Requests

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bezkoder Vue Axios example with Rest API Vue Client with Axios to make CRUD requests to Rest API in that: Vue Axios GET request: get all Tutorials, get Tutoria

veepee-oss Hermes is a man-in-the-middle proxy that allows HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP/2 trafic interception.

ZhangWei-KUMO A IPC Render Plugin for vue + electron, you can simply communicate with electron main process, just like ajax。

Chans-Open-Source vue-apis A vue plug-in integrated with axios. Build the API using chain programming and return the request instance as a Promise. A nice simplificatio

vertcitron vue-google-api This project is outdated and no longer maintained, I can't find time to do what should be done here. Really sorry, if someone wants to

chimera-js Vue Chimera VueJS RESTful client with reactive features. Vue-Chimera is based on axios http client library. Overview of features: Loading flags Bindin

robsontenorio Elegant and simple way to build requests for REST API This package helps you quickly to build requests for REST API. Move your logic and backend reque

vouill Deprecated Not maintenained anymore. Vuex api Intro vuex-api is a library that wants to help you handle API as easily as possible. Yes, that's it ! In

yugasun vue-axios-plugin 简体中文 | English axios plugin for Vuejs project How to install Script tag <!-- add it after vue.js --> <script src="

marketdial vue-async-properties Vue Component Plugin for asynchronous data and computed properties. A Marketdial Project new Vue({ props: { articleId: Numb

leonardovilarinho Vue fast axios Solution to remove and simplify axios in components vue Dependencies: Only Vue.js 2.x Before install Before installing, you must instal

ftgibran Vue API Request Vue API Request provides a full control on your APIs, making the calls simple, fast and easy to implement. Also, your code will be cle

kamijin-fanta vue-async-data for Vue.js 2.0 Async data loading plugin for Vue.js Install this plugin is written in ES2015, so recommend compile with babel/babel-pol

noru Vue-Resource-Mock This package requires no specific version of Vue but vue-resource. It works for both Vue/Vue2 as the time of this writing. Copy and

gaoding-inc V-Model V-Model is a model plugin for Vue.js, like ng-resource. based on axios, path-to-regexp, and bluebird. The V-Model provides interaction support

LancerComet Vue-jsonp A tiny library for handling JSONP request. Usage. Static function: Vue.jsonp(url, dataObj, timeout) In Vue component: this.$jsonp(url, dataO

foxbenjaminfox vue-async-computed With this plugin, you can have computed properties in Vue that are computed asynchronously. Without using this plugin, you can't do

pagekit vue-resource The plugin for Vue.js provides services for making web requests and handle responses using a XMLHttpRequest or JSONP. Features Supports t