Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

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KnowsCount 🙊 live2d anime waifu vuejs component.

kn0wn vue-cosha Vue cosha is a simple port of the cosha library for ease of use in Vue projects. "Colorful shadows for your images. 🎨 " cosha lets you add

komomoo vue-image-painter English | 简体中文 🌰 Example Demo Demo Source Code 🚀 QuickStart Install yarn add vue-image-painter # OR npm i -S vue-image-painter Imp

john015 English | 한국어 Vue-load-image Vue-load-image is 3KB minimalist Vue component that display loader during image loading, as well as by display alternate

kevindesousa vue-image-loader Vue progressive image loading plugin Article here : Installation $ npm install @kevinde

ssshooter img-vuer An Mobile-First image viewer for Vue2 中文 README 🙆‍♀️ Easy to use 👉 Swipe gesture 🔍 Zoom gesture V0.11.0 Now you can use thumbnail~ V0.13.0

diegopamio vue-cloudinary A Vue.js plugin that offers a reusable directive to get image from cloudinary Overview This is a port of the angular-cloudinary library

advanced-cropper Vue Advanced Cropper The advanced library that gives you opportunity to create your own croppers suited for any website design Documentation / Example

komomoo vue-slim-cropper English | 简体中文 🌰 Example Demo Demo Source Code 🚀 QuickStart Install yarn add vue-slim-cropper # OR npm i -S vue-slim-cropper Import

jofftiquez #BlackLivesMatter! Black Lives Matter Movement Resources VueCroppie VueCroppie is a Vue 2 wrapper for Croppie a beautifu

loo41 vuc $$ 链接 Demo 👁️ 中文文档 👁️ Install npm install --save vuc-input || vuc-carousel ||..... yarn add vuc-input || vuc-carousel || ...... Basic use // v

duyanpeng vue-quick-cropper A mobile image cropping upload plugin for Vue. (styles like WeChat, single finger moving two-finger zoom)--vue的移动端图片裁剪上传插件(样式仿照微信,可单

nhn Vue wrapper for TOAST UI Image Editor This is Vue component wrapping TOAST UI Image Editor. 🚩 Table of Contents Collect statistics on the use of open

xyxiao001 需要使用外层容器包裹并设置宽高 使用 注意: 需要关掉本地的mock服务, 不然图片转化会报错 组件内使用 import { VueCropper } from 'vue-cropper' components: { VueCropper, }, main.js里面使用 import Vu

zhanziyang vue-croppa A simple straightforward customizable mobile-friendly image cropper for Vue 2.0. Features Straightforward: What you see is what you get Hig

Vanthink-UED Vue-Core-Image-Upload a vue plugin for image upload and crop ( Support 📱 IE10+) 查看文档 English Document if you use vue.js(<=2.0), you should go here.Or