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or-equals Pager TODO: Add description Installation If available in Hex, the package can be installed by adding page to your list of dependencies in mix.exs: def

chrisbeluga Kirby Navigation Field A Navigation field for Kirby CMS Kirby CMS, Preview Installation & Usage Copy plugin files to your plugin's directory. Use the

hezhongfeng vue-page-stack English | 简体中文 A Vue SPA navigation manager,cache the UI in the SPA like a native application, rather than destroy it. Example preview

imgly vue-pesdk PhotoEditor SDK Vue.js wrapper 🏷 Note PhotoEditor SDK is a product of GmbH. In order to use PhotoEditor SDK inside one of your produ

Suruat vue-2-crumbs Breadcrumbs plugin for Vue.js 2 framework allows to select parent route in route meta object with no need of sub-routing. Features: Setti

nearspears vue-nav The library is a navigation manager, it is similar to native mobile app. require vue 2.x and vue-router 2.x. 中文文档 Function support cache last

Scrum breadcrumbs Vue breadcrumbs builds on the official vue-router package to provide simple breadcrumbs. Demo Support Support SSR Setting parent route wit

samturrell vue-breadcrumbs Vue breadcrumbs builds on the official vue-router package to provide simple breadcrumbs. This package is backwards compatible to suppo

leonardovilarinho vue-acl: access control list in vuejs We will help you to control the permission of access in your app for yours components and routes Installation #

zack24q vue-navigation require vue 2.x and vue-router 2.x. 中文文档 vue-navigation default behavior is similar to native mobile app (A、B、C are pages): A forward t

arnedesmedt vue-ads-pagination Vue ads pagination is a vue js pagination component. On the left side you find some information about the shown items. On the right

grinmax Vue-smart-pagination A data pagination component that splits any data into pages and has many settings. All data is stored in an array and can have an

TerryZ v-page · A simple pagination bar, including length Menu, i18n support, based on Vue2 Examples and Documentation Live Examples on CodePen, more exmaple

gilbitron Want your logo here? Sponsor me on GitHub Laravel Vue Pagination A Vue.js pagination component for Laravel paginators that works with Bootstrap. Requi

coderdiaz Tiny Pagination · A Vue component for create a tiny paginate with Flexbox Install/Usage # Install with npm $ npm i -S vue-tiny-pagination # or yarn $

alziqziq Demo Click here. Install via NPM npm install --save vue-paginate-al Register as Plugin import Vue from 'vue' import VuePaginateAl from 'vu

brunoseco vue-pagination-bootstrap Server-side paging component in vue, template based on bootstrap Vue.js (tested with 2.x) Bootstrap CSS (tested with 4.x) Ins

lokyoung vuejs-paginate A Vue.js(v2.x+) component to make pagination. Inspired by react-paginate. Easy to use by providing simple api. And you can customize th

sant123 vuejs-uib-pagination Best and complete pagination plugin for Vue.js 2.0. Inspired in Angular Bootstrap Pagination. Not Using Bootstrap? No problem! Th

matfish2 Vue Pagination 2 Breaking change on version 1.5.0: Due to a growing number of options, many of the optional props moved into a dedicated options objec

TahaSh vue-paginate This version only works with Vue 2.0. For Vue 1.0, check out the 1.0 branch. The idea of vue-paginate is pretty simple. You give it an ar