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Source Code Editing

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AdamNiederer vue-mode Emacs major mode for vue.js based on mmm-mode. Preview Install Emacs users may install the package from MELPA. vue-mode should then be activa

madskristensen Vue.js Pack Download this extension from the VS Gallery or get the CI build. Contains HTML Intellisense and code snippets for the Vue.js JavaScript li

sdras Vue VSCode Snippets Description These snippets were built to supercharge my workflow in the most seamless manner possible. This repo was built particu

vuejs Vetur Vue tooling for VS Code. vls: Vue Language Server vti: Vetur Terminal Interface Docs: 🎉 VueConf 2017 Slide & Vide

leafOfTree vim-vue-plugin Vim syntax and indent plugin for .vue files. Mainly inspired by mxw/vim-jsx. Installation How to install VundleVim Plugin 'leafOfTree

posva vim-vue Vim syntax highlighting for Vue components. This was initially forked from darthmall/vim-vue. I already have an implementation for this but fo

luozhihua Vue components, HTML/Pug(Jade), CSS/Less/Sass, ES5/ES6/ES7 and JSON code formatter for Sublime Text 2 and 3 via node.js Sublime Text 3 esformatter pug

BrainBuzzer VueJS Code completion for sublime This package is a complete set of snippets and vue syntax highlighting and is under development version number is 0.

siliushi vue code formatter for Sublime Text 2 and 3 via node.js Sublime Text 3 JS-beautify Node.js download About This is a Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin allowi

vuejs Vue Syntax Highlight Note: The master branch hosts the tmLanguage based implementation that is distributed to Sublime Text build < 3153. It is also us

ealves-pt Vue 2.0+ Autocomplete for Still under development (might not be stable). Contributions are welcome 😃 Autocomplete Supported tags partial slot

CorentinAndre Vuejs-snippets Collection of Vue.js snippets for version 2.0+. Also supports Vuex, vue-router still missing. Feel free to contribute to this package b

fsblemos This linter plugin is a fork of AtomLinter/linter-sass-lint that provides an interface to sass-lint for Vue.js. It will parse .vue files with style ta

CYBAI Syntax highlighting for single-file Vue.js components supports in Atom (enabled by Vueify or vue-loader). This syntax highlighting is translated from

hedefalk Vue component support in Atom Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to Vue component files in Atom. Originally converted from vuejs/vue-syntax-highlig