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State Management

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sumcumo Vue States Vue States is a state management system for Vue.js. Checkout the examples at You m

universal-model Universal Model for Vue Universal model is a model which can be used with any of following UI frameworks: Angular 2+ universal-model-angular React 16.

effector ☄️ Effector The state manager Table of Contents Introduction Effector follows five basic principles: Installation Documentation Packages Articles Comm

abdullah Vuex Module Generator (VMG) VMG allows you to create a vuex module easily. See All implementations. See Customer Example. Supported module types Clone

dwqs lue 🌱 Vue and vuex based library, writing less verbose code. Installation Install the pkg with npm: npm install lue --save or yarn yarn add lue Bas

dwqs revuejs 🐇 A tiny, light and handy state management for vuejs 2, writing less verbose code. Installation Install the pkg with npm: npm install revuejs

Raiondesu Tuex (beta) A simpler Vuex alternative written in TypeScript. (TypeScript + Vuex) - Complexity = Tuex Full Documentation About Tuex is a reactive cent

aarondfrancis About Vue-model is a Javascript plugin for Vue.js that gives you the ability to transform your plain data into rich models with built-in and customiza

FiguredLimited Models and Collections for Vue.js Documentation Documentation is available at Development Install Install yarn if you don't already ha

cklmercer vue-stash A Vue.js plugin that makes it easy to share reactive data between components. This plugin is best suited for the rapid development of protot

qgp9 vue-ya-stash Yet Another simple stash storage for Vue TL;DR npm install vue-ya-stash export default { stash: ['user', 'ui'], mounted () { cons

lzxb Vuet 此项目除了正常的bug修复,不再进行功能更新 如果对状态管理感兴趣,可以看下 Tms,文档更齐全 索引 Vuet.js是什么? 0.x版本和1.x版本的区别 0.x升级指南 安装 快速入门 API 实例的选项 实例的属性 实例的方法 静态属性 静态方法 模块 什么是模块? 注册模块 使用计

markselby9 Vuez A Simple but Powerful State Management for Vue.js projects. Vuez is a very simple but powerful state management library for Vue.js projects. Vuez

keuller VuElm It's a Vue state management inspired by Elm architecture. Concepts There are basically four elements on Elm architecture: Model, Actions, Update

buhrmi vue-sync NOTE: Check out nuxt-url-sync to use it with SSR Sync Vue Component state with browser URL params Makes for easy bookmarking and sharing of v

vuejs Vuex Centralized State Management for Vue.js. What is Vuex? Full Documentation Examples Counter Counter with Hot Reload TodoMVC Flux Chat Shopping Car