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testing-library Vue Testing Library Simple and complete Vue.js testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Vue Testing Library is a lightweight adapter b

vuejs Vue Test Utils Vue Test Utils is the official testing library for Vue.js. Packages This repository provides the following two packages: Vue Test Utils

nkoehring vue-a2b split testing for Vuejs Usage Add the package to your project: yarn add vue-a2b # or npm install vue-a2b …and register it to Vue: import VueAB

wrseward VueUnit A library for Vue.js that makes it easier to create and unit test components. Easily test props, events, and slots (including named slots) Opt

jackmellis vuenit Vue Unit Test Helpers Vuenit is a testing utility that offers a number of useful methods to make testing Vue applications easier: Easily mount

dealloc Vuec Vue container - a simple IoC container for Vue 2 UNMAINTAINED WARNING I don't use Vuec myself anymore, and I hardly have time to maintain Vuec. I